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Shimokitazawa is easily accessible from Shinjuku and Shibuya in 10 minutes by train, and is popular as a subcultural town with many small theaters for music and play. There are also many fashionable vintage clothing stores and the area is crowded with young fashion lovers.

 In Shimokitazawa, a town with a diverse mix of cultures, we will introduce five noteworthy secondhand clothing stores.

 There are approximately 150 secondhand clothing stores within a 200-meter radius of Shimokitazawa Station, the gateway to the city, and each store has a different price range and selection. Just by walking into a store you may find a surprising bargain, such as a valuable vintage item.

 Let's quickly take a look at the features and recommendations of the popular secondhand clothing store!

The store with the largest selection of products in eastern Japan・・・WEGO

 When you arrive in Shimokitazawa, this is the first place you want to go! From one coin T-shirts to vintage denim priced at over 100,000 yen, the store offers more than 10,000 items, the largest selection in Shimokitazawa. The store's main distinguishing feature is its assortment.

 First of all, a total coordination from shoes to hats is possible. The product display is also designed with total coordination in mind, and many people buy the whole coordination and so on. Also attractive is the wide selection of vintage clothing in a variety of genres for all ages and genders.

Fancy Corner : Dresses, T-shirts, Lingerie 550 - 5,499 yen

Girly accessories and miscellaneous goods corner: earrings, scarves, ear piercings, etc. 550 - 3,300 yen

Enrichment of street and sports-oriented products・・・Flaps Alfa

 The store offers a wide selection of vintage secondhand clothing from regular street, outdoor and sports clothing. In addition to the Flaps Alfa store, there are 2 other operating stores in Shimokitazawa, the Sierra store with an assortment of women's products and the Tango store with many reasonably priced items.

 Two popular recommendations are as follows. ① Ralph Lauren Shirts

▲Ralph Lauren button-down shirt 7,590 yen
 ② American football, basketball and other uniforms and shirts

▲American football brand's tie-dye dyed T-shirts 5,390 yen

■Must-go store for women who love vintage clothing・・・UTA

 This store is a hideaway with a sparkling atmosphere like a jewelry box. The entire store is lined with approximately 2,000 items, including shoes, accessories, hats, etc., from European luxury brands to no-brand items, all at reasonable prices.

 Accessories, mainly small articles, many of them are large and sparkling items, especially necklaces and pendants, are a must buy.

▲ A beaded and gold pendant chain in the 2,000's is highly recommended!

 Also, many of the designs are unique and a bit different for fashion lovers who are fashionable and eccentric, and the price range is mainly between 4 - 5,000 yen.

▲ Armani long-sleeved jacket for town wear and formal wear 6,500 yen

Reassuring for beginners in vintage clothing・・・grizzly Store No. 4

 Grizzly from Osaka with 7 stores in Shimokitazawa. This No. 4 store has the largest sales floor area and features a lineup of products at prices that are affordable for young people who are new to vintage clothing, with sweatshirts ranging from 3,280 to 4,380 yen (including consumption tax below).

▲Made in USA Disney character sweatshirt for 4,380 yen, 2001 Levi's 560 for 5,480 yen.

 The store also offers friendly shopping consultations. If you tell the staff what kind of fashion style you prefer, they will also provide total coordination based on your preferences.

▲Coordinating suggestions for the writer! Ralph Lauren button-down 3,280 yen, Dickies duck pants 5,480 yen

A Large selection of American casual products・・・Desert Snow Store No. 4

 "Desert Snow" is a long-established vintage clothing store, with six stores in Shimokitazawa, of which the 4th store is the largest. Dedicated staff members buy from overseas every month, and the store carries approximately 8,000 items. The store's interior is nicely arranged with merchandise and makes shopping easy.

 Our recommended products are those of Ralph Lauren, a leading American casual brand. A wide range of shirts, polo shirts, and pants are available. The price range is also reasonable, from 1,000 to 8,000 yen for a shirt.

▲Ralph Lauren button-down shirts and polo shirts.

Street-style Dickies and Carhartt pants, which are currently undergoing a revival, are available in sizes 28 - 60 inches.

▲ Great selection of pants from two major American workwear brands, Carhartt!

How was it? A tour of vintage clothing stores in Shimokitazawa. Shimokitazawa also holds an annual vintage clothing market in front of Shimokitazawa Station. Feel free to take a look at this one, too.

▲ The secondhand clothing market, which was held in front of Shimokitazawa Station in March this year

A town of vintage clothing, Shimokitazawa location and nearest station

     Nearest Station : Odakyu Line & Keio Line Get off at Shimokitazawa Station 

             *All stores are located within a 5-minute walk from Shimokitazawa Station.

     Business hours and holidays are different at each store, contact each store for details.