“Gender-neutral” Japanese chocolate brand YES.SHE KNOWS releases high quality alcohol pairing chocolates

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    • Food / Gourmet
  • Update date

    • 2021-11-30

Source: PR Times

Curated by talented chocolatier Hideyo Ishii, gender neutral brand “YES. SHE KNOWS” is now offering its first chocolate series that is specifically geared toward alcohol pairing with the concept of “adult fun.”

Japanese chocolatier and food creator Hideyo Ishii is also a certified olive oil sommelier. A “small universe with infinite possibility'' and “fun for adults” are the conceptual models she used to found the brand “YES. SHE KNOWS”. She describes the brand as “gender neutral” chocolate, with the meaning that chocolates are to be enjoyed by both men and women (the way the “S” and “H” are displayed in the logo are meant to reflect this). Her unique training background also led her to take such an approach to think outside the box with chocolates.

Her new and first “Pairing Series” chocolate uses ingredients that are carefully selected for the best quality and pairing with alcohol. Each piece is made differently based on its own theme. These chocolates are for adult’s enjoyment while tasting the subtle changes in rich, lingering flavor inside the mouth.

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