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The hotel store "Gargantua", which has been popular for half a century under the concept of "bringing the taste of the Imperial Hotel to your home", has reopened on the first floor of the Imperial Hotel Plaza Tokyo under the direction of Tokyo Chef Yu Sugimoto.

The selling space has been expanded and divided into three areas: "Patisserie Gargantua" for cakes, macaroons and chocolates, "Épicerie Gargantua" for delicatessen and bakery products, and "Cadeau Gargantua" for gift items and frozen foods.

In this article, I will introduce the artistic and exquisite sweets of "Patisserie Gargantua" and the products that attract attention at "Épicerie Gargantua".

― Sweets that look like works of art "Patisserie Gargantua"

Popular on SNS as well! We have collected macarons, chocolates, and sweets that look like pieces of art.

Macaroons that look like jewels with gold leaf on the back.

The Macaroons reflect the skills and ideas of the pastry chef can be purchased from just one piece.

Macaroon 1 Piece 400 yen
*Gift Box for Macaroon for 5 pieces 400 yen, for 10 pieces 500 yen, for 20 pieces 900 yen

Choux "Inversé" 1,800 yen

A puff pastry covered with red cookie dough and filled with raspberry jam and custard cream. It has an excellent balance of sweet and sour flavors.

Clémentine  1,800 yen

This is a surprising sweet that looks and tastes like a mandarin. Its taste is as fresh as eating a mandarin itself.

Photogenic Deli & Bakery "Épicerie Gargantua"

The bakery, which has a history of 110 years, offers an extensive lineup of breads baked every morning by its skilled chefs and prepared foods made with seasonal vegetables and ingredients from carefully selected regions. The authentic taste of the Imperial Hotel, supervised by Tokyo Chef Sugimoto, is now readily available for to go.

Spiral/ Seasonal Vegetable 1 piece (1/6 cut): 900 yen

A beautiful dish that makes you want to take pictures, the red and yellow of the tomatoes and the green of the asparagus are eye-catching.

Blueberry Pie

9 cm   760 yen

16 cm   2,700 yen  

18 cm   4,100 yen 

21 cm   5,400 yen

*16 cm, 18 cm, 21 cm need to be reserved in advance

The blueberry pie, a popular product since the opening of Gargantua in 1971, is a must-try.

If you want to feel luxurious or spend time with your dearest friends, enjoy the gastronomy of "Gargantua". A great gift for a friend!

Store Information :

Imperial Hotel Tokyo Hotel Shop "Gargantua"
Opening hours: 10:00 - 19:00

Location: 1F Imperial Hotel Plaza Tokyo, 1-1-1 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

*All product prices include tax