Eevee tags along with Pikachu in this year’s Mister Donut x Pokémon collab

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    • 2021-11-07

Source: PR Times

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An annual favourite, Mister Donut and the Pokémon company are teaming up for the fourth year running with their special winter edition Pokémon donut collaboration, though this time, the ever-popular ‘Pikachu Donut’ will be bringing a friend along in the form of Eevee.

In last year’s edition, the collaboration saw the return of the ‘Pikachu Donut’ as well as the addition of a three-dimensional ‘Poké Ball donut’ and a limited edition ‘Chansey donut’.
This year, Chansey is remaining at home, but Eevee has come along to play instead.

In addition to the adorable Pikachu and Eevee face donuts, Mister donut is also offering ‘Furimiki Donuts’ that cheekily express the behind of Pikachu, Eevee and three other Pokémon friends.

Pikachu Face Donuts

As always, the collaboration menu wouldn’t be anywhere without the popular Pikachu face donut. Packed with plenty of airy whipped cream, the soft yeast dough is coated in pudding-flavoured glaze before being finished with chocolate decorations that make up Pikachu’s eyes, ears and cheeks.

Takeout: 270 yen
Eat in: 275 yen

Eevee Face Donuts

Making its first appearance this year, the Eevee face donut might be almost too cute to eat. Painted in a mouthwatering caramel-flavoured glaze and filled with whipped cream, this Eevee face donut introduction sounds like a sweet-tooth’s dream.

Takeout: 270 yen
Eat in: 275 yen

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