Beauty appliances, cameras, audio, and Bic Camera Shinjuku East Exit store's best-selling home appliances are surveyed!

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    • 2023-12-19

'BicCamera Shinjuku East Exit Store' is a large electronic store right next to Shinjuku station east exit.
This time, we asked about popular products in beauty appliances, cameras, and audio equipment from their extensive product lineup!

■3 Selected Beauty Appliances


Panasonic hairdryer (Nano care) EH-NA0J deep navy/mist gray/warm white/lavender pink (38,610 yen, tax included) ※Left and middle ones on the picture

The Panasonic flagship hairdryer pursues the quick drying with moisture.
It also gives moisture to hair surfaces.

・Facial massager

YA-MAN RF facial massager Photo Plus Shiny NEOヤーマン YJFM18N(69,300 yen, tax included)

The hypertronicity and the lift care of the multifunctional face massager have progressed, featuring radio waves and more powefull EMS!
One device can adapt to various skin care routines.


Men's electric shaver Lamdash Palm In High Grade ES-PV6A marble white/marble black(41,580 yen for each, tax included)

This shaver is palm-sized, easy to carry, and provides a stroking shave.
It has been very popular since its launch in September 2023.

■3 Selected Cameras

・Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera

EOS R50・Double Zoom Kit Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera black/white (156,200 yen each, tax included)

This model is popular among camera beginners because of its lightweight body packed with a full range of features.
English can be selected in the language settings, making it popular among foreign tourists.

・Action camera

GoPro action camera HERO12 Black Creator Edition CHDFB-121-JP(88,200 yen, tax included)

Action cameras are becoming more popular with the growing need for video production.
The classic GoPro is also available for creators with a wide variety of customization options.


FUJIFILM Palm-size camera 『instax』 INSTAX Pal milky white/powder pink/pistachio green/lavender blue(14,300 yen each, tax included)/gem black(17,600 yen, tax included) FUJIFILM Printer for smartphone “instax” instax mini Link 2 cray white/space blue/soft pink(15,800 yen, tx included)

The first camera in the INSTAX "Cheki" series to specialize in photography. It can be carried around like a keychain, allowing you to capture every moment!
Photos taken with the INSTAX Pal can be printed with the printer (instax mini Link 2) on the right side of the photo.

■3 Selected Audio Appliances


AMBIE all wireless earphones AMTW01 white/black(16,000 yen, tax included)

The "earphones that don't block your ears" are now completely wireless, allowing you to hear the sounds and voices around you while listening to music!
You can wear them all day long as if they were an accessory.


BOSE Bluetooth headphones QuietComfort Ultra Headphones black/white(54,990 yen, tax included)

The world's best-in-class noise canceling function and spatial audio support provide an inspiring music experience.

・Bluetooth speaker

JBL Bluetooth speaker JBLFLIP6 blue/black/white/red/pink/squad(15,640 yen, tax included)

With the best sound quality ever in the series and a stylish color scheme, these speakers allow you to enjoy music anywhere.

Bic Camera also offers duty-free shopping at all of its locations.
The products introduced here are all easy to carry, so we recommend buying them as souvenirs!

※All prices are as of November 30th 2023.

Facility Information:
Bic Camera Shinjuku East Exit Store
Address: 3-29-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo