'BEAMS JAPAN', the curation store for traditional culture and contemporary art

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    • 2024-06-15

BEAMS JAPAN made a remarkable fusion with Japanese traditional culture and contemporary art.

Especially the Shinjuku store, which is composed of 6 floors with large variety, such as "food", "masterpiece", "fashion", "collaboration", "culture", "art" and "craft".

How about discovering Japanese new allure?

■Floor guide

Among the floors from B1 - 5F, we will introduce three selected floors.

1F – Japanese masterpiece

Some specialties rich in local characteristics that remind Japanese tradition and modernity, as well as original goods by BEAMS JAPAN that you imagined but you would never find, are widely displayed.

2F – Japanese clothes

This is a floor that proposes fashion from Japan from the unique BEAMS perspective.

The world-class made-in-Japan craftsmanship and seasonal selections shine through.

4F – Japanese pop culture

A diverse and playful product lineup covering everything from subculture to fine art.

Japanese pop culture gathers here.

■Introducing 3 selected popular items!

①Embroidery Key Chain

NEW RETRO × BEAMS JAPAN / special order lucky charm embroidery key chain (858 yen including tax)

Colorful and cute retro-pop embroidered key chains are very popular among overseas customers.

'Fuji,' 'Maneki Neko,' and 'Daruma' are typical Japanese motifs.

②Mt. Fuji T-shirt

〈UNISEX〉BEAMS JAPAN / Special order Mt. Fuji T-shirt Vol.2(5,500 yen, tax included)

The front of the T-shirt is printed with the BEAMS JAPAN logo, and on the back is Mount Fuji, and on the back are depicted cranes and turtles, two creatures that have long symbolized longevity and good fortune in Japan.

③Card Case

HIGHTIDE × BEAMS JAPAN / Special order pass and card case(1,430 yen tax included)

The surface features a gold foil BEAMS JAPAN logo mark, and the design is simple and easy to use.
It can be used as both a pass case and a card case, allowing you to keep everything you need in one place.


BEAMS JAPAN Shinjuku offers a wide range of products that combine Japanese tradition and contemporary culture.
We hope you will enjoy this unique and special shopping experience!

Facility information:
3-32-6 Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo