An Ice-World-in-the-Making: Peak behind-the-scenes at Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival

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    • 2021-12-12

Source: PR Times

A winter tradition, the Chitose Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival is an absolute must-see when visiting the Chitose area of Hokkaido during the beginning of the year.
The ice festival, which has been running for 44 years, was originally started by local volunteers to attract tourists to the lake in winter. The main attraction are the ice sculptures, which transports visitors into a magical frozen kingdom.

Planning for the event usually begins in the middle of November, when framework ‘skeletons’ for the ice sculptures are put together. From the latter half of December, these ‘skeletons’ are subjected to water which freezes under the cold temperatures of the lake and forms the iconic ice sculptures. Just before the event opens to the public, the sculptures (which often grow too large in size) are sheared into shape by chainsaw, before details are added by hand with a pickaxe.
Once open, visitors can freely wander amongst the ice sculptures which glisten like blue diamonds under the sunshine during the day, whilst at night illuminations light them up in a whole range of colours.

If you’re curious to know more about the making of the event, there is a special behind-the-scenes tour being held for guests by the resort hotel Kyukamura Shikotsuko, where you can get to know the craftsmen behind the sculptures and take a deeper look into their production.

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