"Akihabara Otaku Deep Tour" Experience Report

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    • 2023-11-08

A special tour with its concept focused on an exchange with "otaku", which cannot be experienced in ordinary tours, is being held at "Akihabara", a town often called a mecca for subcultures!

This time we experienced the "plan for experiencing a visit to the mecca and photographing together with a professional photographer ".

<Tour schedule>
12:00 - Walking around town
13:00 - Having lunch at a maid cafe typical of Akihabara & photographing maids
15:00 - Moving to Digital Hollywood University to produce acrylic goods at LabProt in the university
16:00 - Attending a photographing lecture provided by a professional photographer while walking in the town of Akihabara
18:00 - Dinner and exchange meeting
20:00  Dismissal

■Meet up and walk around town
You will start walking in the town of Akihabara, guided by a licensed guide interpreter!

■Maid cafe

The first destination is a maid cafe typical of Akihabara.
This is where you will enjoy having lunch and photographing.

Perform "shaking and rocking" together in sync with a call by the maids.

Using ketchup, they will draw an illustration that you have requested on omuraisu. So cute...!

This plan will allow you to photograph maids with your own camera, which is usually not possible.
After that, you can be photographed in a two shot!

■Production of acrylic goods

You will move to Digital Hollywood University. You can produce acrylic goods with the use of data of the photo(s) that you took at the maid cafe.

The way in which the kind of photo varies depending on the person, for example from a maid's photo or a two shot to a self-taken photo, etc. is also an interesting point. Leave your memory in the form of an object with the only goods in the world!

■Walking around town again

You will then join cosplayers for Akihabara's official character "Akiba Mitsuba" and carry out a photography walk, lectured by a professional photographer.

From the Hijiri Bridge you can see three rail tracks inside one frame. With good timing, you can photograph a scene in which trains cross one another with the Kanda River and Akihabara's townscape in the background.

You will be photographed at the Kanda Shrine as well. The photographer will teach you some pointers at the time of photographing with your smartphone's camera.
After that as well, we visited a lot of deep, nice spots of Akihabara.

Lastly, you will chat, sharing with every one else the photographs that you have taken on the day of the tour.
Even participants who have met one another for the first time can hit it off as they enjoy the tour together!

How about participating in the Otaku Deep Tour where you will be able to enjoy a whole day, experiencing Akihabara's culture on your own?

Tour information:
Akihabara Otaku Deep Tour

GiGO arcade game experience plan / Plastic model figure production experience plan / Plan for experiencing a visit to the mecca and photographing together with a professional photographer

Host: Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association
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