■A store specializing in kitchen knives used by more than 100,000 cooks in 30 countries around the world is opened in Tokyo~JIKKO Tokyo Kappabashi

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    • 2022-03-18

Sakai's kitchen knife maker JIKKO has opened a store in Kappabashi, Tokyo, which is famous for its cooking utensils, and has become a hot topic. There are many knives that can cut ingredients beautifully, and there are about 140 types of knives that suit your needs. They range from high-end knives that are handmade one by one to knives that are easy to use at home. Let's take a closer look at the charm of kitchen knives while listening to the staff's advice on choosing kitchen knives to make cooking fun.


A kitchen knife with a highly designed handle and blade・・・IWAGUMO

 The handle of the kitchen knife is was designed in collaboration with a furniture designer to make it easy to grip, and the wood is also made of a rare wenge to give it a luxurious look. In addition, the surface of the blade is made of multiple layers of steel with a mirror-finish-like use to make it attractive and fun to use.

▲The handle is made of wood with a pattern different from the ordinary annual rings, which gives it a luxurious feel. There is a Damascus pattern on the surface of the blade 55,550 yen Source: JIKKO

A kitchen knife that makes cooking easy and fun to do・・・King of the Hidden Treasure Series

There are three types of blades, king, queen, and jack, and the blade has a unique and original shape, which makes it easy to get into the ingredients and cook. Cooking easily is also a big factor that makes cooking fun.

▲King:70,400 yen Queen:3,780 yen Jack:54,780 yen  Source: JIKKO

■A kitchen knife for a lifetime・・・Honyaki Mt. Fuji sashimi knife, rounded tip type

 It is a gem that is made from a single piece of steel just like the Japanese sword manufacturing process. There are few people in Japan whom can make it. It is a wonderful knife with good sharpness, the blade pattern looks like Mt. Fuji, it looks beautiful, and if you maintain it, you can use it for a life time.

▲Mt. Fuji and the moon in the middle of the upper kitchen knife.  233,970 yen/1 piece Source: JIKKO

▲Source: JIKKO

 ■Recommended experience①・・・Knife sharpness experience

Although you find a knife that you like, you will not be able to enjoy cooking if it is not sharp enough. Here you can experience the sharpness of the knife by cutting cucumbers. We are also planning to offer a wide variety of vegetables to experience a wide range of sharpness.

No reservation is required for the cutting experience with your favorite knife. Source: JIKKO

■Recommended experience②・・・Knife sharpening 

Whether you can cook food deliciously and in an enjoyable way depends on the condition of the knife. In this experience, you will learn how to sharpen a kitchen knife, starting with an explanation on how to do it.

 Knives purchased at the store will be sent to you beautifully sharpened, no matter which country you send them from around the world, although this is a paid service. A Knife can be used for 20 or 30 years and requires less sharpening and it is easier to give maintenance if you buy knives of slightly better quality.。

Knife sharpening machines and detailed sharpening methods are available only when the craftsman is in the shop. Source: JIKKO

Message from the shop to guests visiting the country

 Jikko's knives cut well, of course, but we also think about making knives with unusual shapes and designs to make cooking fun. For example, if you go to a fish shop and buy a whole fish, handle it yourself, and be particular about how you cut and serve it, as well as the tableware, you will enjoy cooking even more. Experience the usability of our knives in person at the store and find the knife that will last a lifetime. You can also have your name engraved on the knife for free, so you can make it your one and only knife in the world.

▲Located in an easy-to-follow location, with a facade facing a large street lined with tool shops. Source: JIKKO

■JIKKO TOKYO Kappabashi branch location nearest train station

    1-9-10 Matsugaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo  2nd Matex Building    

     Nearest station: Metro Ginza Line Tawaramachi Station 5-minute walk.

     Contact number:03-5830-7399

     Open hours:10:00-18:00

     Regular holiday: No regular holidays