5 Excellent Pocket Wi-Fi Routers for Internet Use in Japan

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    • 2022-10-06

Visitors to Japan may be wondering how to connect to the internet during their trip. This article introduces the types of internet services in Japan, important points when renting pocket Wi-Fi routers, and which routers to choose in various situations.

Using the Internet While on a Trip to Japan

The internet has become an essential tool on trips or extended stays in Japan. For example, you can use the net to look up routes on Google Maps or easily apply for specific services.

Those staying in Japan for an extended period should secure an internet service plan with a Japanese provider. But a pocket Wi-Fi router may be a better option for short trips or a stay under a year.

Since some readers may not be familiar with internet services in Japan, this article will discuss how to connect to free Wi-Fi, internet connection methods, and various pocket Wi-Fi routers.

We will also compare five pocket Wi-Fi routers in terms of price and data capacity. If you're planning a trip or a long-term stay for studies or business, take a look at our suggestions!

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Table of Contents

Free Wi-Fi in Japan

In recent years, free Wi-Fi spots have cropped up in hotels, cafes, and shopping malls across Japan.

Among the many free Wi-Fi services available, the most famous is an app called Japan Wi-Fi auto connect. Available in 16 languages, it can be used at over 50,000 spots nationwide. The app only connects to Wi-Fi services provided by enterprises or local governments, so it should be relatively safe.

On the other hand, some may want to immediately post photos on their SNS account or use Google Maps while walking.

Free Wi-Fi, which is only available in certain areas, is inconvenient in that regard.

Moreover, users will be sharing a network with an indefinite number of people. It would be wise to avoid disclosing private information, such as one's credit card number.

The Difference Between Pocket Wi-Fi Routers, SIM Cards, and Data Roaming

When it comes to connecting to the internet in Japan, besides installing a fiber-optic internet service at home, there are three options to get online in Japan: pocket Wi-Fi routers, SIM Cards, and data roaming.

Each of them has different features that set them apart.

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