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'3COINS', nicknamed 'Surico', is a very popular shop in Japan.

We have checked out popular 'fashionable items' and 'useful items' at 3COINS, where most items with good taste can be bought for 300 yen, at the flagship store in Harajuku.

Well, let's get right to it!

■Three popular stylish goods

You will find items and fashion goods that are not only practical, but also fashionable for interior decoration.
They are inexpensive, so you will want this and that.

1. Room Fragrances

A wide range of aroma diffusers and other scent items.
They look very stylish and blend well in interiors.

Dried flower diffusers and plant diffusers are gorgeous, looking and smelling authentic!

2. Accessories

There is also a large selection of accessories such as necklaces, earrings, rings and hair accessories.

Considering the designs, you wouldn't think almost all items are available for 330 yen.

※Official image of PAL CLOSET (online store)

(From left to right) Cubic pinched petit pendant necklace, set of three wire rings, flower glass down earrings
All for 330 yen including tax

3. Socks

Socks in a wide range of designs, from simple to colorful, are available at 3COINS at affordable prices.

■Three popular convenience goods

Next, we introduce some useful items that are currently on sale at 3COINS.

1. 【KITINTO】 Dishwashing detergent bottles

※Official image of PAL CLOSET (online store)

This dish detergent bottle is very useful for washing dishes.
This convenient item allows you to hold the sponge and press the top with one hand to release the detergent.

2. 【Clear storage series】 Clear box bag: size L

※Official image of PAL CLOSET (online store)

A convenient bag for storage, with translucent fabric that allows you to see at a glance what is inside.
Water- and dirt-resistant fabric with a long handle that can be slung over the shoulder for easy carrying.

3. Masks

These masks, such as the 2D Fit-Up Mask series, are another blockbuster item.

※Official image of PAL CLOSET (online store)

The popular "Bicolour Mask", which gives a clean face line, is also a bargain at 330 yen for a pack of 30 masks!

■There is also a sweets corner perfect for souvenirs.

3COINS also offers food products as well as sundries.

'Gohanmon' 'Okashimon'.

The Gohanmon series, in which buyers who love good food have carefully selected delicious food from all over Japan, and the Okashimon series, which offers everything from classic to highly original items, are food products that make it easy to enjoy delicious Japanese food.


Art by 3COINS designers has been transformed directly into the packaging for this Harajuku flagship store exclusive items.
With their stylish design and just the right size, these sweets are the kind of treats you'll want to hand out to everyone.

Photo back: GOOD MOOD FOOD Photo front: gohanmon

3COINS offers a wide range of useful and stylish items at reasonable prices.
The dish detergent bottle and aroma diffuser are some of my favourite items that I use at home.
We invite you all to visit 3COINStoo!

Shop information:
3COINS Harajuku Flagship Store
Store location: Akita Building 1F, 6-12-22 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Opening hours: 11:00 - 20:00