Osaka’s Hello Kitty, Kuromi and My Melody ‘Mysterious Forest’ tea party includes some sweet vegan treats

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    • 2020-08-30

Japan's cute characters are gaining popularity all over the world, and a themed cafe featuring one's favourite characters is a must-visit for any fan during their time in Japan. Thanks to a restaurant in Osaka, fans of Sanrio’s creations can enjoy a tea party themed around not just one, but three cute characters. The company’s most well-known star, Hello Kitty, plus My Melody and Kuromi.

The charms of these Sanrio heavy-hitters are being combined with all the fun of a tea party. This restaurant hosted a Sanrio inspired smorgasbord earlier this year too, for a summer blowout of kawaii eats. Now for this season they’ve gone for a ‘Mysterious Forest’ theme which is perfect for autumn.


Although there’s a few different places to sample a Sanrio-inspired menu in Japan, this location’s buffet is even more special since it has become more inclusive for those on a vegan diet. Various kinds of vegan options are on offer such as the vegan chestnut cream cupcakes.


In total there's 25 desserts on offer, and some fit the cute forest theme perfectly like the 'forest mushrooms'.


Many even feature the character themselves, like the adorable Hello Kitty doughnut parfait, or Kuromi's chocolate mousse.

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