HKS antenna shop for car lovers is now open! Information about A PIT AUTOBACS SHINONOME, one of the biggest car supplies specialty stores

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    • 2020-08-17


If you are a car-lover, you should definitely visit A PIT AUTOBACS SHINONOME in Tokyo. It is one of the biggest car supplies specialty stores with 20,000 items from fuses to cars.

Each floor has a different theme. The 1st floor is “Pit & Service Desk” where you can have your car repaired. The 2nd floor is “Life & Car Shop” and the 3rd floor has the specialty shop with racing simulators. HKS antenna shop is also on this floor.

We especially recommend that you should go to“Life & Car Shop” on the 2nd floor whose theme is “your comfortable life with a car.” The shop deals in not only regular car supplies but also other stuff such as products for sport cars and camping equipment for those going camping by car.

BOOK&CAFE and TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE are inside the store so that your family members or friends who just tag along can enjoy spending time comfortably in different ways while you are enjoying such exciting shopping experiences.

Let’s go explore A PIT AUTOBACS SHINONOME and have fun now.

Specialty Floor on the 3rd floor

Racing simulation room on the 3rd floor

You can feel as if you were driving a real car.

You can choose whichever course and car you like from 200 courses and 250 kinds of cars.

Experience the authentic driving simulation highly praised by professional drivers.


1,000 yen per 10 minutes or 2,500 yen per 30 minutes

●Popular items among visitors from overseas

Tuning parts, dress-up parts and other stuff for circuits are sold on the 3rd floor. We have picked up some products that are popular among visitors from overseas.

  1. Portable container

This portable container with a handle is very popular.

You can put it even in your suitcase as it’s compact.



HKS antenna shop

They have sections for each car brand such as Jimny and 86/BRZ and deal with tuning parts for Subaru cars as well.


They have anything including popular items, parts that are still under development and concept parts. They regularly hold the exhibitions where you can have face-to-face consultation with staff from the makers and this service is available not only in Japanese but also in Chinese and English.


―Life & Car Shop on the 2nd floor―

The 2nd floor is where drivers and everyone else can discover new things. There is BOOK&CAFE where you can relax reading books with coffee in the center of the floor.


They have books about cars, business, travel, and fashion and even comics.

Innovative lineup for different lifestyles

Unlike other car specialty stores, they have 8 different categories such as “Travel and Cars,” “Nature and Cars,” “Garages and Cars,” “Family and Cars” and so on.


They sell not only car supplies but also other stuff like clothes as they think they you can enjoy other things as well in the car.

Play space for kids and mothers

They also have a play space for kids with toys and picture books at the corner of the floor.


Three souvenirs to take your home country

  1. Tomica Minicars


Various kinds of popular minicars from Tomica

People usually buy the mini-versions of their own cars or their dream cars. These minicars are popular as souvenirs.

② S2 nismo engine miniature


The engine miniature piled on Skyline is especially popular because of Initial D, a popular manga series.

③Illustrations of cars by Kenichi Hayashibe


The artist created each of his work by taking more than for 10o hours with passion of making them more beautiful than actual cars or pictures. His illustrations are popular not only among Japanese but also among people in other countries. Same as minicars, people usually buy the illustrations of their own cars or their dream cars.

-Pit & Service Desk on the 1st floor

They have a huge pit for car inspections, maintenance and installation of parts on the first floor.


It’s 1-min walk from Shinonome Station on the Rinkai Line.

By car, it’s only 15 minutes from Odaiba, a popular touristic area. We recommend that you should visit there. We are sure you will have a great time there.



■Opening Hours:9:00 a.m. ~10:00 p.m.


■Capacity of the parking lot:295 cars


■Address:2-7-20 Shinonome, Koto City, Tokyo