5 Selections of Japanese Cold Touch Fabric Mask

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    • 2020-07-20

Masks are essential to prevent the novel coronavirus infection even in summer, many of you might feel stifled due to heat. We would like to introduce 5 popular cool touch masks with that don’t feel hot inside.

■2 selections of mask to use by soaking them in water

1. A mask can maintain its coolness many times just by soaking it in water and shaking it.

“Footmark Coolish Summer Mask”


This product is developed by a swimming goods manufacturer. This mask can maintain the coolness many times just by soaking it in water and shaking out, it uses a unique double layer cool touch fabric and differs from general cool touch items. As a characteristic, it can be cooled many times if you soak it in water and shake the excess off.

Price:770 yen(Pre-tax price 700 yen)

Size: Left/M size Right/L size

2. Soak it in water and keep yourself cool. It is also good for sunburn prevention.

“UV Protection Water Cool Mask”


This is a machine washable mask, which gives you a cool feeling by only wetting it with water. Also, it uses UV protection fabric and UV protection effects with UPF50 + (shield UV ray 98.4%).

Price:800 yen(Pre-tax price)

Size:2 sizes Regular and small size

■Masks focusing on the difference in temperature

Made in Japan, and the temperature difference is -4℃!

[Washable 3D mask using COOL MOVE dress shirt fabric]


This uses dress shirt fabric, manufactured in a Japanese factory, feeling cool to the touch and dries quickly. It is comfortable to wear even in hot seasons and it can be worn repeatedly without ironing even after washing.

Sales Price 1,000 yen(before tax)

Available Sizes: S and M

■Masks made by a long standing manufacturer


Cooling masks product of Imabari craftsmanship made of natural materials

This mask uses a cold touch fabric and has antibacterial treatment. Also, pesticide and herbicide free organically grown cotton is used as raw material, making extensive use of a soft gauze cloth gentle to the skin and eco-friendly.

Price 1,650 yen (including tax)

■Apparel Mask

SNIDEL Fashionable lady’s mask with a small- face effect


A comfortable mask for summer with a feminine pink beige color matching your skin tone.

A hydroscopic, cold touch and antibacterial treated functional cloth, perfect for this season. The SNIDEL’ s original cut out line fits your jaw line well and makes your face look small.

Price:¥1,950 + tax