Top 15 Osaka Ramen Shops Recommended By A Ramen Expert!

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Osaka Ramen Restaurants - Where to Eat Unique and Delicious Noodles

Osaka, a city known for its delicious cuisine, like takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and kushi katsu, is also full of great ramen restaurants.

There are so many shops that serving local Osaka ramen not found in Tokyo, so you’ll probably feel conflicted about which shop to go. Therefore, our writer, a ramen enthusiast who has eaten over 5,000 ramen bowls in total and about 900 bowls of ramen each year, will suggest fifteen delicious ramen restaurants selected from those he has tried himself in Osaka.

1. Kadoya Shokudo Main Store (Nishi-Nagahori): The King of the Osaka Ramen World


If you’re going to be eating ramen in Osaka, then Kadoya Shokudo is a famous ramen shop that you definitely don’t want to leave out of your list. Our writer recommends the Wonton Men, pictured in the photo above (1,130 yen with tax), out of the several types of ramen available at the shop. Although it’s a simple shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, all things considered, it’s immensely delicious.

This dish is handmade using carefully selected ingredients for its noodles, soup, and toppings, and is a model example of ramen. While the price is slightly on the expensive side, it is worth more than its price. The shio (salt) ramen and tsukemen (cold noodles with soup for dipping) are also hard contenders; this is a shop that our writer has to stop by nearly every time he visits Osaka.

The shop’s approach in continuing to improve, even to this day, through developing new kinds of ramen to keep in step with the times naturally makes it appropriate to call it the king of the Osaka ramen world. The shop is crowded during the day time, so we recommend visiting at a slightly later time.

2. Ramen Jinsei JET (Fukushima): A Favorite Among Ramen Competitors


Ramen Jinsei JET is a great ramen shop in the fiercely competitive ramen ward of Fukushima in Osaka. Our writer personally recommends the Chicken Simmered Noodles pictured in the photo above (with added Berkshire pork char siu at 1130 yen with tax) out of an extremely abundant menu from light ramen to rich tsukemen.

The chicken simmered (*1) soup, which has eliminated its oiliness while still being rich, is nothing less than a masterpiece. It tastes great with the shop’s homemade noodles. Just try to stop your chopsticks. The Berkshire pork char siu that our writer had as an additional topping is another wonderful dish that is worth more than its price.

The tsukemen, a dish through which you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of the homemade noodles, is also excellent. However, this rich tsukemen is often sold out at night, so it would be best to visit early if you aim to order this dish.

3. Ryukishin RIZE Osaka Namba (Namba): The Leading Figure in the Osaka Ramen World


Here is Namba Ryukishin RIZE, a famous ramen shop that is also said to have a leading figure-like existence in the Osaka ramen world. The main shop is located in Sakai, Osaka, and is originally famous for its light shio ramen. However, a richer chicken simmered ramen is available at the Namba location where the Chicken Simmered Shio Noodles (830 yen with tax) is served.

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