Uji Matcha Sweet for the last dessert right before leaving Japan ~Tsujirihei Main Store Kansai Airport BLUE SKY Store~

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Don't you tend to think “I missed to eat 〇〇” of this country even until the last moment of the trip? This may be especially true if you have traveled to the food capital, Kansai. We would like to introduce you a Japanese-style cafe located in the Kansai International airport called "Tsujirihei Main Store Kansai Airport BLUE SKY Store". One of the most famous cafes of Kyoto is located in the airport, and it is highly recommended for the very last meals in Japan from matcha sweets to light meals.


This cafe offers sweets such as soft serve ice cream or parfait or Japanese-style sweets such as raw dorayaki and matcha daifuku using abundantly high quality matcha from “Tsujirihei Main Store” in Uji, Kyoto. You can enjoy the genuine matcha in the space designed in the motif of Japanese traditional culture or history of Kyoto.

3 popular sweets menus

- Premium Thick Matcha Fresh Soft serve Ice Cream

A rich matcha soft serve ice cream that uses plenty of Uji matcha, topped with Shiratama and Hokkaido sweet bean paste that have a rich texture with refined sweetness. Recommended matcha soft serve ice cream.


Contains 1 Price 830 yen (excluding tax)

- Uji Organic Matcha Daifuku

A smooth cream, and brown sugar bean paste cooked from fresh red bean paste from Hokkaido is wrapped in a soft Habutae mochi, and it is an elegant and extremely luxurious matcha daifuku that is sprinkled with plenty of freshly ground organic matcha. Please enjoy the authentic style with a scent.


Contains 1 Price 380 yen (excluding tax)

- Uji Matcha Raw Dorayaki

Mochi like, moist mouthfeel, and as you put it in your mouth, it will give Uji's aroma and deliciousness. Gently sandwiched the cream of freshly ground Uji matcha with Hokkaido dainagon azuki beans with a dough using domestically produced mochi flour.


Contains 1 Price 380 yen (excluding tax)

Souvenirs are also here! 2 popular souvenirs recommended at the “Tsujirihei Main Store”

- Three kinds of Uji Matcha Okoikuchi Langue de Chat Saryo

Matcha with tea leaves that you can enjoy elegant sweetness and bittersweetness. Hojicha is attractive for its scent of roasted Uji. And brown rice tea that the refreshing freshness of green tea spreads in the rich scent of brown rice. An assortment of three kinds of Langue de Chat that you can enjoy the taste and fragrance of Uji tea.


Contents 12 pieces 1,250 yen / 24 pieces 2,350 yen (excluding tax)

- Kyo Matcha "Bamboo Baum"

The dough that uses Uji matcha and fresh cream luxuriously has a soft and rich matcha flavor confined in bamboo, making it a stylish appearance.


Contains 1 Price 1,600 yen (excluding tax)

If you plan to use Kansai International Airport after the travel ban has been lifted, be sure to spend your time before departure at the "Tsujirihei Main Store Kansai Airport BLUE SKY Store".

Store information


*Store name: "Tsujirihei Main Store Kansai Airport BLUE SKY Store"

*Store location: Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 Building 3F

In the international gate area *Store area: 63.55 m²

*Business hours: 7:00~24:00

URL : https://bluesky.jalux.com/