Gorgeous kitty-themed traditional Japanese temple stamp books and journals for cat lovers

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    • 2020-05-31

For those that make pilgrimages or even occasional trips to shrines and temples in Japan, Goshuincho ("honorable red stamp book") are highly recommended way of commemorating one's visit. The stylized books can be handed over (usually at the entrance) of the temple or shrine, and for a small fee stamped with the unique seal and calligraphy of the site.

Cat lovers now have a stamp book of their own to leave their temple-traveled paw prints in, as Japanese bookstore and oddity retailer Village Vanguard is teaming up with traditional stamp book maker CRU-CIAL to release this gorgeous wooden cat themed stamp book.



The "Japanese retro" stylized wooden book contains 36 pages of high quality traditionally produced Japanese paper, and can be used not only temple and shrine travels, but simply as a personal journal or memorabilia notebook. A number of differently posed feline silhouettes are filled out by in color by the stamps and writing inside.


The collaboration series also includes designs such as wisteria, sakura, and lemon.

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