Mascot character of Hikone city, Hikonyan, is introducing us to popular sightseeing spots in Shiga Prefecture!

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    • 2020-01-15

This time, the mascot character of Hikone city, Shiga prefecture, “Hikonyan” is introducing us popular sightseeing spots in Shiga prefecture! Wearing a “Kabuto” helmet like warriors of the warring state period, Hikonyan is modelled as a white cat distantly related to the second feudal lord of Hikone domain, Ii Naotaka. From lake Biwa, Shirahige Shrine, Kurokabe Square, to many others, Shiga prefecture holds various interesting sightseeing areas worth visiting. So, come and join Hikonyan on his travel around these popular spots and take lots of photos with Hikonyan original pose~!


Hikone Castle

First, let us go and visit Hikone Castle! Did you know that Hikone Castle’s tower is chosen as one of the 5 national treasure?! You can also ride a Japanese style houseboat and enjoy sightseeing from Hikone Castle’s moat, or get on a rickshaw and travel around the castle’s area~. Look! Hikonyan got himself on a rickshaw and took picture with the cool-looking rickshaw man! By the way, Hikonyan will be doing performance in Hikone Castle every day, so don’t miss it!

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Genkyuen Garden

Right next to Hikone Castle, you can find a Daimyo Garden of the former lord of Hikone, the “Ii” clan. This large stroll garden is chosen as one of the nation’s scenic spot. Depending on the season and the time of day you visit, you could see different sceneries while strolling within the garden.



Michigan Cruise

After Genkyuen, let’s visit lake Biwa next! You can ride the Michigan Cruise, a pleasure boat bringing you around lake Biwa, and enjoy concerts and performance while looking at the beautiful scenery that late Biwa offers. Hikonyan really recommends this experience!



Lastly, we will be visiting Hikonyan’s recommended shopping spot MITSUI OUTLET PARK SHIGA RYUO. This shopping center got its cool name from Ryuo Town where it is located (Ryuo roughly translates as “dragon king”). MITSUI OUTLET PARK SHIGA RYUO is also one of the largest outlet malls in Kansai area! Not only does it have a well-designed environment, it also has tax free counter for visitors from overseas~. Hikonyan seems very happy because he found his original goods! Once done shopping, Hikonyan also enjoys Shiga’s specialty “Oumi Beef” and ends the day feeling fulfilled!



There are actually many more places to introduce! But let us finish here for now.

Hikonyan will be waiting here at the fun-filled Shiga prefecture, so make sure you come and visit!