Safe toys even babies can put into their mouth♪ Cute toys made from rice

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    • 2019-11-12

ããIt can be an anxious period for babies when tooth are starting to grow and when gums become really uncomfortable. Babies during this time tend to put anything into their mouths to ease the uncomfortable feeling and due to their curiosity. We recommend the perfect toy that moms could be relieved and babies would be happy with. It has become a popular topic among mothers with children. Why don't have a try on it when you come to Japan?

Building Blocks made from Rice


The Rice building blocks of People Co., Ltd. is a well-known product. It is available in most Japanese toy stores. The biggest feature is that it is safe and secure even if babies put it into the mouth, because its raw material contains 51% of rice from Japanese contracted farmers.


From the HP

①Safe even to lick

②No paint is used

③Rounded edge design

④Can be used from 0 months


From the HP


①Uses Japanese rice as raw material

②Reliable quality, manufactured in Japan

③Carefully assembled one by one

④Available for sales after strict quality checking procedure

Available in cute pastel colors, [Rice Building Blocks] is each one made to produce sound when shaken, and its circular shape that is premised for "yumyum" like a tooth firming toy. The contents in one box are so exciting!

You can smell the rice fragrance while opening it.

It's a safe material to lick, making it the perfect toy for the troublesome period. Can be used from 0 months and play it according to the child’s age.

Price and availability may vary depending on different stores.

Price for reference: 10,780 yen

The Tooth Firming Toy made from Rice

The tooth firming toy of the “Rice Series” lined with the rice building blocks. Tooth firming toys contact directly with the baby's mouth, surely every parent would like to use something safe and secure if possible.

If you are one of them, we recommend this rice tooth firming toy can be used safely, manufactured entirely in Japan and do not use any paints.


As the surface is designed to be uneven, for babies can enjoy the bites. The thin handle is designed to be tightly held by even a baby's small hand, therefore even younger babies can hold and play with it.


Price and availability may vary depending on different stores.

Reference price: 2,090 yen

~How to care for it~

The “Rice Building Blocks” cannot be washed with water.

If it gets dirty, please wipe it with a wet towel.

Please do not do the following as it could cause damage.

Disinfection by boiling

Disinfection with hot water

Disinfection by microwave

Use of chemicals (disinfectant, wet tissue, etc.)

Drying with a dryer

Handling stores