4 useful Japanese phrases for different situations while traveling

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    • 2019-11-25

This time we will present some carefully selected simple Japanese phrases, that will make your trip to Japan more comfortable and enjoyable! Useful phrases to ask about meals, taking pictures and public transportation on your journey. Please use them in different situations.

1. A suggested phrase if you need someone to take a picture for you

kamiya4æ§_1 (1)

When you are traveling in Japan and you wish to take a picture of yourself properly, not just a selfie with your smartphone! Or if you want a picture with your traveling friends! We have the solution for your!?

In such situation, try using the below phrase to the Japanese people around you

"Please take a picture of me"

Japanese: Syashin wo totte kudasai

and ask for assistance. Surely the people you asked will do the favor for you.

After they finished, don't forget to express your gratitude by saying

"Thank you" (ariga tou gozai masu). Your amazing memories of the journey will surely increase, including the scene when the picture was taken.

2. Useful phrases at convenience stores

kamiya4æ§_3 (1)

Why not try a Japanese convenience store if you are tired of restaurant dishes? After all the Japanese convenience stores are famously convenient in the entire world. It may be a good idea to try out the “Convenience Store Bento” that Japanese people enjoy regularly. But be careful there, since most bento boxes are sold cold,

please use the below phrase to ask for assistance, as they taste better warm.

"Please warm it up"

Japanese: Atatame te kudasai

3. Useful phrases at restaurants

kamiya4æ§_2 (1)

Use this phrase when ordering, and leisurely enjoy your food. As most restaurants do not provide service in English, you will surely find this phrase useful.

"I would like to order"

Japanese: Chyumon wo onegai simasu

Try to order like this when you have decided.

4. Useful phrases to ask for directions at train stations and on the streets

kamiya4æ§_44 (1)

Trains are a convenient way to travel in Japan, however depending on the location, you may find the routes and transfers complicated and even get lost. Remember this phrase and you will be fine.

How can I get to ○○?

Japanese: 〇〇 niha dou ikeba ii desuka?

If the route map is too complex for transferring etc, it is better to ask someone by inserting the station name you want to go to in the ○○.

Use these Japanese phrases to communicate with Japanese people during your stay in Japan. We are sure you will create wonderful memories to your journey.