4 useful Japanese phrases for shopping

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    • 2019-08-01

One of the attractions when traveling in Japan is to make communication with Japanese people. Japanese people are very friendly to foreigners and can be quite excited if they have the chance to do so. However, conversation with Japanese seems quite difficult if you have not spoken Japanese before. If so, why not speak in Japanese when you are shopping? Now, we would like to introduce 4 useful Japanese phrases for shopping. Please use then when you are traveling in Japan.

(1) In case there are clothes and shoes that you like, but wish to try on different colors? This may also be a useful phrase when the size does not fit you. By pointing out the product while saying the phrase, surely it is understandable immediately. If you have yet to decide on the color but wish to know if there are any other colors, let's ask in this way.


Do you have this in M size?

Japanese) M Size wa arimasuka?

Do you have different colors?

Japanese) Iro chigai wa arimasuka?

(2) If you wish to try on clothes before purchasing, tell the staff as follows.


Can I try it on?

Japanese) Shichaku shitemo iidesuka?

Depending on the shop, you may be asked of the number of pieces that you wish to try on. As a result, a tag with the number of pieces might be given to you. Though each shop may be different, it is a practice established for all customers as a protection against theft, just let the staff know the number of pieces honestly.

(3) Finally, we are at the cashier. When you wish to make your purchase intention clear, please point at the product you want or hand it to a staff by saying the below phrase.


Please give me this.

Japanese) Kore wo kudasai

(4) Please use this phrase when asking if tax exemption is possible.


Is tax exemption available?

Japanese) Menzei wa dekimasuka?

If someone speaks to you in Japanese suddenly, you might get defensive and not able to response in the way you want. However, experience like this is necessary, once you got used to it and memorized the whole phrase, it will become easier! Shop staff are speaking to you to provide you a great shopping experience, so even if the Japanese language you used is slightly incorrect, it will still be a pleasant conversation if you just add the word “thank you” at the end.