Strolling through Matsuyama’s local shopping streets, a distance of 1km

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å称æªè¨­å® 1

Well, let’s start from Okaido shopping street where there are many hotels with convenient transportation. It is the hub of sightseeing. This shopping street is wide as it used to be a driveway.

Walking down the street, we found an orange color lovely shop, “Roken Manto”, long standing shop established 90 years ago.Colorful manju (steamed bun) were in the showcase. Some are sweet bean paste manju and some have cocoa flavor.


What kind of manju is it? Yum-yum yum-yum…. It tastes rather like steamed bread. Simple appearance and gentle taste make me feel nostalgic.

Where shall we go next? Oops! We found an orange color shop “noma-noma” in the right. There are many bills. What are they selling?

å称æªè¨­å® 1

The bills are fruit menus. It is a juice stand.

They put a notice saying, “Iyokan juice 300 yen per cup”. Iyokan is local citrus fruit, which is sweet and tasty.

Excuse me. May I have a cup of Iyokan juice?

å称æªè¨­å® 1

She squeezed Iyokan in front of me. Hmm…Fresh, sweet and sour!

Here we are at Gintengai shopping street. It is a historical shopping street the local people love. What kinds of shops are there?

å称æªè¨­å® 1

Wow!There are lovely kimonos. This is a Kimono shop!



The shop, Shioya, has been in business for 200 years and they have a service for people to experience wearing kimono. There is a plan that a professional dresser helps a visitor wear kimono and then the person walks around the town by wearing kimono. The plan is very popular among tourists.

*Town walks plan by wearing kimono : 9,800円~。

å称æªè¨­å® 1

We just found a woman wearing Kimono. She looks nice with a Kimono.

I am getting thirsty again.

I heard that orange juice flows from a faucet at Ehime CATV Ginkoi Market shop.

There is a unique character “Mikan Samurai(Orange Samurai)”. Sounds interesting. Let’s go.


Here we are. It looks like a greengrocer’s shop. Where is Mikan Samurai?


There he is! We found a faucet on his tummy. It says 100 yen per cup. Let’s see how it works by turning a faucet. All right! Here comes orange juice.


Gulp-gulp.  It is good with fruity and thick tastes.

Where shall we go next? I am a little tired. I would like to sit down and relax.

Look! There is a green ice-cream cone ornament. Shibataen Tea Farm?  It is a teashop. Let’s take a break with green tea soft cream.

å称æªè¨­å® 1

We walked into the shop and were surprised to see dozens of kinds of tea. They smell good. They sell tea things. We found a precious tea ceremony cup created by a famous artist. Why don’t we buy this for our king as a souvenir?


Oops! We forgot to take a picture of green tea ice cream. Sorry.

After the break, we started a town walk.

Walking through Gintengai, there is a way toward the underground. … There is a Matsuchika shopping street, the shortest underground shopping street in Japan.

å称æªè¨­å® 1

The size of the shopping street is small, but there are many shops looking yummy.


Turning Grill/Manju with sweet red beans inside. And…


I wonder if I should eat “a set of three kinds of beef to compare”(2640yen) at Matsuchika Steak Restaurant. We could taste and compare three kinds of beef, which are Spencer Roll, Tenderloin, and Top Blade Muscle. Let’s have lunch here!

(to be continued)

Roken Manto Takeuchi Okaido Branch


Shioya Kimono Store

Ehime CATV Ginkoi Market

Shibataen Tea Farm

Matsuchika Steak Restaurant