GINZA Gentlemen's Lounge

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    • 2018-09-22

An exclusive space that provides healing and relaxation for "men who have a passion for authentic and quality goods"


The GINZA Gentlemen's Lounge on the 5th Floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi opened in October, 2015. The lounge is designed for the gentlemen in GINZA to relax using their five senses.

We asked the Shop Leader, Mr. Masayuki Momozono, why this place is ideal for "men who have a passion for authentic and quality goods."

"The GINZA Gentlemen's Lounge is a place where you can "step up to a gentleman" by activating your five senses. It is also a place where men can grow to become a first-class gentleman, which we call here, "GINZA gentlemen."

What makes this lounge special is the fact that you can recharge yourself in a short time by grooming your soul and appearance, which is designed for the business elite that is active throughout the world.


"We have a tasting room to smoke cigars, so you can calm your soul as you smoke a high quality cigar kept in a room where we control the humidity with a humidor. You can also groom yourself by polishing your shoes and groom your hair at the barber as you stay relaxed."

Foreign staff who can meet the various needs of our customers are also stationed at the GINZA Gentlemen's Lounge.

*"GINZA gentlemen" are men who have playful spirit in their commitment to "authenticity" and "high quality" while being in the center of the times, and are those who are always gentlemanlike without forgetting to care for others, while being prudent and polite.

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