Japan's currency will be changed from July 3rd!

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    • 2024-06-20

We will introduce Japan's new banknotes, the first in 20 years, along with the conventional banknotes.

The three people depicted in the portraits made a great contribution to the modernization of Japan, including the development of new industries, women's empowerment, and the advancement of science.

In rural areas of Japan, there are some stores where electronic money or cashless payments cannot be used.

Please take this opportunity to learn about the new banknotes, and enjoy the fascinating products that are unique to Japan's regions and the things you may encounter during your travel.

【10,000 yen banknote】

Eiichi Shibusawa (Creator of Japanese modern society)

【5,000 yen banknote】

Umeko Tsuda (Educator who worked to improve women's status)

【1,000 yen banknote】

Shibasaburo Kitazato (Father Modern Japanese Medicine)

【500 yen coin】

Conventional banknotes will also remain valid indefinitely and will not become invalid anytime soon.

Please enjoy your shopping experience with peace of mind!

※Image source: From the Ministry of Finance website