Popular sweets are available for purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 24 Osaka Tsuruhashi!

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    • 2024-04-27

You might have a craving for a popular and trendy Japanese sweet, but the store closed after business hours. Here is some information about the store for those who are saddened by such a situation. An unattended sweets specialty store is located in Tsuruhashi, Osaka, where about 80 kinds of popular and trendy ice cream and cakes from all over Japan are available for purchase from a single piece 24 hours a day.

Let's take a quick look at the store's most popular sweets!
No. 1 in popularity ranking - must-sell-out, brûlée doughnuts, 400 yen (including tax, same below)

 This popular sweet sells out as soon as it arrives and 20,000 units are sold in one month. The fluffy doughnut made with soy milk is filled with rich custard cream and has a slightly scorched, crispy caramel in the middle. There are three recommended ways to eat it: slightly warmed, crispy like ice cream, or as you like it.

No. 2 in popularity ranking - Very cute Mangokuan shortcake tin, strawberry, 1,100 yen

▲Photo from Left - mandarin orange, Center - strawberry, Right - banana strawberry, 1,100 yen each

Popular for souvenirs, these sweets are filled with shortcake and fruit in a tin and look very cute. Another popular feature is that instead of wrapping the surface of the can with a photo of the fruit, the can is transparent and the fruit inside can be seen. The fruit changes seasonally, and the fruit is mixed with fresh cream mascarpone cheese for a light texture. We recommend the strawberry!

Popularity ranking No. 3 Sweets - Homemade rolled ice cream Cookies & Cream 600 yen

▲Photo from left - strawberries & berries, Center - cookies & cream, right - strawberry tart - 600 yen each.

24's original sweets, all products are homemade. There are six types of rolled ice cream in all, but the recommended Cookies & Cream will be out of stock within three days of its arrival. Layers and layers of 100% milk ice cream are rich, soft and melting in the mouth, luxurious, and a supreme delicacy when eaten with cookies.

No. 4 in popularity ranking・・・ Mitarashi dango bottles collaborated with Evangelion for a limited time only 800 yen

▲From left to right, oshiruko dango jar, strawberry dango jar, mitarashi dango jar, berry dango jar, and zunda dango jar.

 The most popular is the mitarashi dango jar, one of the five dango jar series in total, and this time it is a limited time collaboration product with the popular anime, Evangelion. The dango jar is a collaboration between a sweet potato sweets specialty store and a long-established Japanese sweets store. The luxurious jar is half-filled with red bean paste and filled with soft, chunky dango dumplings with a hint of sweetness.

Messages to visitors to Japan
 The store offers about 80 kinds of sweets out of about 360 popular and trendy sweets from all over Japan. Sweets change every week, including seasonal products, so you can always find the most popular sweets of the moment. Usually, popular sweets require bulk purchases, but the store allows customers to purchase their favorite sweets from a single piece. You can also check out all products, including new items, on the store's website.
 The store is unattended and accepts cash only. Cooling bags and refrigeration materials are also available for a fee.

▲The store is located in a corner of Korean Town where you can find delicious yakiniku and Korean food restaurants.

■Place of the store
  Address: 3-6-16 Higashi obase, Higashi nari ward, Osaka city