Held in 2025, the permanent sales floor of the Osaka-Kansai Expo opens ~ Daimaru Umeda store

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    • 2023-07-22

The permanent shop for the Osaka-Kansai Expo, which will be held from April in two years, has opened at the Daimaru Umeda store. The Osaka-Kansai Expo is an international expo with the theme of "Designing a Future Society for Our Lives" in which 150 countries and 25 international organizations are scheduled to participate. The identity of the official character Myaku Myaku is unknown, but it is popular for being cute, and the stuffed animals are already out of stock. Why don't you buy their popular goods as soon as possible?

Let's take a look at some of the recommended popular goods.
■ Popular goods (1) Acrylic stand that you will want to take with you to your trip 1,650 JPY (the following prices are tax included)

There are a total of 6 types of Myaku Myaku poses on the acrylic stand, but the pose with one leg raised in the foreground is cute and popular. Decorate your room or office desk, and look at Myaku Myaku when you are tired to feel better. Acrylic stands are small and easy to carry, so many people put them in their bags and take it to their trips.

■Popular goods (2) T-shirts for adults - 3,520 JPY, children - 3,300 JPY

T-shirts are a staple of souvenirs. It features "EXPO 2025" printed on the shoulder, which has become very popular. For adults, there are four sizes, S, M, L, XL, in two colors, white and black, and for children, there are two sizes, 130 cm and 150 cm, in three colors, red, blue, and white, so if you wear it with the whole family, the fun will be doubled!

■Popular goods (3) Practical tote bag 2,970 JPY

The bag is the size of a computer, a plastic bottle, a book, and a handkerchief, and it has divisions inside. It is a canvas material and comes in one size and color, but it is great to be used widely for everyday shopping and travel.

■Popular Goods (4) Made in Japan Face Towels

▲Left: Face towel Myaku Myaku 2,310 JPY Right: Face towel logo mark red 1,650 JPY

There are two types of designs, a towel with Myaku Myaku painted and a towel with the EXPO logo mark, and the most popular is the face towel with Myaku Myaku painted on it. Made of 100% cotton, comfortable touch and very convenient after watching sports or playing sports.

▲Panoramic view of the sales floor

 Myaku Myaku plushies are very popular and are always out of stock, but you may find them in the store! Please take a look at the sales floor as if you were trying your luck. The sales floor is located on the same floor as the duty-free counter, and it is a very convenient place for visitors to Japan to stop by after shopping and tax refund procedures.

■Shop location
Daimaru Umeda 5F Event Space