Top 3 popular articles read by the most readers in the spring of 2022!

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Maybe some people are wondering what to look for because there are too many products and information related to Japan.

So this time, in Japan shopping now, we will introduce the top 3 articles that many people found particularly interesting this spring!

Why don't you use it as a reference for your next trip to Japan?

■Tourism section Rank 1: Walking around Chuo Ward, Tokyo-The 3rd Stamp Rally in Chuo Ward- Event Announcement

A strolling stamp rally event to discover the charm of the city of Chuo ward is very popular! It's fun to look for Pokemon while enjoying the atmosphere of Chuo ward. ♪

Recently, there is an increase in the number of people who want to get to know Tokyo's charms more in-depth by traveling around town! It is very interesting that even for people living in Japan, it gives us an opportunity to take in various impressions that you would not see on a tour of the city.

Even after the event is over, please enjoy exploring Chuo ward to your heart's content when you visit Tokyo in the future.

Click here for the original article:東京-中央区をまち歩き-中央区スタンプラリー第3弾-開催のお知らせ

*This event has now ended.

■Products section Rank 1: Sushidokoro Yamashichi, FUJIOBI "Chamatebako"  

Modern products made with traditional Japanese technology are very attractive to us, aren't they?
"FUJIOBI" was born with the spirit of hospitality by embroidering a Japanese pattern of kimono using traditional Japanese obi, and is a product that strongly reflects Japanese culture.

It is recommended as a souvenir for your special someone.

Click here for the original article:茶まて箱

■Gourmet section Rank 1: Keio Bread Festival starts from FEB 10 (THU)

The "Keio bread festival" is met with a lot of response every year. The event will bring together about 90 kinds of "local bread" that are popular throughout Japan, as well as sustainable vegan bread and other noteworthy types of bread.

There are plenty of bread types of which you can enjoy both the look and taste. There are many bakeries in Japan, so be sure to look for them when you visit Japan.

Click here for the original article:月10日木から-keioパンフェスティバル-開催

*This event has now ended.