■ There is also a 100-meter-long sweets street! Grand Opening of Hanshin Umeda Main Store, the king of the basement of a department stores!

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    • 2022-05-21

Hanshin Umeda Main Store in Osaka. One of the best department stores in Osaka, which is also known as the Hanshin of "food," has enhanced its lineup of food products and expertise with the grand opening of its entire building. The basement 1st floor is divided into six worlds: "Western confectionery", "Japanese confectionery", "Daily dish", "Fresh foods", "Alcoholic beverages" and "Famous stores". Among these, the 100-meter-long "Sweets Street" with 33 brands in the "Confectionery World" has attracted much attention, with some brands opening their first stores in Japan.

Let's take a look at the recommended sales floor now!

33 sweet brands including new brands line up at "Confectionery World"

One of the most distinctive features of this sales floor is the first appearance of seven new brand stores developed together with the manufacturers. Another highlight is the retro and modern look of the facades of each store, which resemble accessory sales areas.

Here are three sweets we particularly recommend.

Honey cheesecake with camembert cheese together with honey・・・"DROOLY"

It is said that the state of being delicious and drooling "DROOLY". The cake is filled with apricots to resemble a beehive, and is a double layer cheesecake with a tongue-tingling Camembert mousse and a gently sweet honey mousse. Whole 1,944 yen

②Cake with melted custard cream・・・"CUSTA"

"Morozoff", which has been making pudding for more than 60 years, invented a fluffy sponge cake that looks like pudding, topped with custard mousse. They say that no other manufacturer can do the technique of putting caramel sauce as an accent on the topmost part of the product. Be prepared to wait in line in order to purchase‼432 yen per piece

■ "Daily Dish World" lined with delicious delicacies・・・Our recommendation is "Zojirushi Silvery-white Rice Ball"

Specialty stores such as delicatessens from popular restaurants and stores specializing in ingredients are lined up here. Produced by "Zojirushi Mahobin", a well-known rice cooker manufacturer, the variety of rice balls includes "silvery-white rice balls" that taste the deliciousness of the rice itself, and "creative rice ball" that is as stylish as a cake. In addition to white rice, there are also rice balls made with glutinous barley, brown rice, etc. There are 6 kinds of creative rice balls, 378 yen each.

Inside Daily dish world, there is also a convenient "Conbini Delica" where you can buy daily dish from about 50 different stores in a single location.

■"Popular Store World," features a variety of star gourmet products from long-established stores and various regions of Japan.

▲ There are also popular shop with lines out the door and the gyoza recommended by buyers. Source : Hanshin Umeda Main Store. 

The "Nippon Umaimon Kikou," a specialty section where visitors can encounter seasonings and specialties from all over Japan, has evolved, introducing approximately 50 kinds of gyoza and other local foods loved in various regions.

■"Liquor World" with an overwhelming selection of wines and a place for tasting and talking

Located in the center of the sales floor, the store offers approximately 2,000 types of liquor, including sake, shochu, and wine, to be enjoyed with any food item. A counter is set up on the sales floor where customers and producers can enjoy casual conversation. You can also enjoy drinks at this counter.

■ "Fresh World" full of market atmosphere

The fresh market is a bustling place that focuses on seasonality and freshness, and handles products that are only consumed locally and rare products through direct connections with producers.

▲Source : Hanshin Umeda Main Store