A viaduct with 100 years of history has transformed into a shopping facility. Hibiya OKUROJI was born!

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Hibiya OKUROJI was born in the space under the elevated brick arch between Yurakucho Station and Shimbashi Station in Ginza area. Once you step inside, it is a completely different space. You can feel its deep 100 year history. Based on a concept, “born 100 years ago and connected to the next 100 years,” there are 30 shops that connect the future and the history of Japan gathered including the eel shop Sumiyaki Unafuji, which is popular in Nagoya and hosts a line of people waiting and Sabae Megane Kan, where you can find items made by one of the best eyeglass craftsmen in Japan.

■Glasses making over 100 years [Sabae Megane Kan]

Sabae city, Fukui prefecture is one of the main production areas of glasses in the world. Sabae Megane kan is a specialty shop of glasses that are made by craftsmen of Sabae with the highest techniques in the world. There are about 2,000 items being particular in quality both for men and women available at the shop.By maintaining the old traditions and techniques, the durability and fit feeling are also valued. There are also popular designs among younger generations available.

There are machines of 100 years ago to make flames of glasses in the shop, and you can feel the soul of Japanese craftsmen.

How about getting a new pair of glasses for a change during your trip in Japan?

■specialty shop for craftsmen’s living tools of Niigata “NIIGATA 100”

Special sake and food are selected based on the brand of living tools made by craftsmen from Niigata, called Hyakunen monogatari (100 years stories), which is the pride of Niigata. There are a variety of items available such as handcrafts made by craftsmen from Niigata, Japanese sake, daily necessities, or kitchen tools like knives. You can enjoy hidden attractions of Niigata in this shop.

Knives of Tsubamesanjou, where is famous as one of the best production area of knives. A wide range of knives and cutleries both for professional chefs and home cooking are manufactured and sold here.

■The popular eel restaurant in Nagoya with Bib Gourmand “Sumiyaki Unafuji” newly opened in Tokyo

Eel specialty restaurant Sumiyaki Unafuji, which was established just 25 years ago but was never less than long-established restaurants. They use however, they have used high rarity eels called Aounagi, and the catch of the eels would be just one in 20 eels. Each eel is carefully hand-grilled in the ultrahigh heat by skilled chefs one by one, and it becomes crispy outside and soft inside. When entering to the restaurant, you can see a sculpture associated with Mt. Fuji.

■Know attraction and history of Japanese sak[Shukou biyori Ateniyoru]

“Shukou biyori Ateniyoru“ is a popular izakaya-type bar in Sapporo. There is a fireplace in the center of the bar, and the bar is separated into two areas around the fireplace, as a Japanese sake zone and a wine zone. You can taste and compare several Japanese sake or wine. The staff have a good stock of knowledge about liquor and history and can provide Ate(appetizers) matching with liquor or grilled dishes including meat, fish, or vegetables according to your taste or feeling.

There are more shops and restaurants that we have not introduced yet under the arch of 300m overall length. Why don’t you explore the area when visiting Tokyo?

Basic information on Hibiya OKUROJI

Address: 1-7-1 Saiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Business hours: Different depending on shop or restaurant

Holidays: Different depending on shop or restaurant

Access: 6 minute walk from Hibiya Exit of JR Yurakucho Station or JR Shimbashi Station 6 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station or Hibiya Station 5minute walk from Toei Subway Saiwaicho Station