First shop of the Korean popular cafe “HOLLYS” at Nanba in Osaka-HOLLYS Nanba Marui Shop

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    • 2024-06-11

▲Entrance gate with the design of HOLLYS mascot Holly Bear. You can enjoy the place as a photo spot.
Image source:HOLLYS

 The first shop in overseas from the popular cafe HOLLYS that develops more than 500 shops is open at Osaka. There is a limited menu in Osaka such as latte with Korean traditional sweets and fruit juice which is the speciality, and is located in front of Namba Station in Osaka, a great place to stop by during sightseeing or shopping.

 Let's see the shop!
■A drink limited to Osaka that you definitely want to drink! ... Yakka Cream Latte with traditional Korean sweets, 700 yen (regular size price, tax included, same below)

▲Image source:HOLLYS

This original latte is made with coffee from our own roasted beans and topped with yakka, a traditional sweet with a slightly hard, cinnamon-scented flavor. The latte tastes great with the yakka in your mouth.

Lucky Mugwort Latte, it is said that it brings happiness if drinking it. 700 yen(Price or regular size)

▲Image source:HOLLYS

 A little sweet latte with very aromatic mugwort, it brings happiness of four clover leaves. A happiness may come to you!

■The most popular smoothie, limited in Osaka・・・「Hallabong Yuzu Smoothie」 with a fruit from South Korea 580 yen

▲Image souce:HOLLYS

 A fresh smoothie which is the mix of hallabong, citrus from Jeju of South Korea, and Yuzu from Gao Xing of South Korea. Especially so popular that may be sold out. Please go earliar to the shop to try it!

■A signature menu by HOLLYS・・・「Vanilla Delight」 590 yen

▲Image source:HOLLYS

 An original vanilla latte by HOLLYS with powder made from vanilla beans that gives a rich sweetness.

■Message to guests visiting Japan
 The interior of the shop is comfortable with wooden style like Korean shop, it consists in 61 seat with sofa and counter in a large space of 188㎡. There are many menus limited in Osaka and menus limited for seasons, and you can enjoy an atmosphere of the Korean premium cafe in Japan. The red-color based entrance with the design of Mascot Holly Bear can be enjoyed as a photo spot.

▲Image source:HOLLYS

▲The full surface of the shop is a large square that makes you so free. Image source:HOLLYS
  Adress:Marui 1st floor 3-8-9 Nanba Chuo Ward Osaka City