Palpito Ginza~A gallery livening up the art scene for young contemporary artists has arrived

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    • 2022-07-01

As art is becoming more popular all around the world, a gallery hoping to liven up the Japanese art scene has opened in Ginza. The gallery hosts accessible exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and other contemporary art pieces from both outside and within Japan. But not only that, through sales of collaboration merchandise, they also support the artists.

Let's take a closer look at some of the pieces on display at a recent exhibitions at the gallery.

  Kamakiriko's "TOKYO GIRL" Series

Illustrations intervowen with text, with the motif "strength and sweetness" of girls, are characteristic of the artist. Many pieces are simple, yet with a superb sense of color.

 Pieces by woodcraft artist KaKa

▲Source: Palpito

▲Source: Palpito

 Pieces that inspire warmth and vitality, they show the story of "Hattori Nanami", the child who wore a bird headdress, and the kitten "Polar". A special exhibition is planned.

Lune's "Namito"

▲Source: Palpito

Possibly a girl, possibly a rabbit, a wondrous character by the name of Namito, with a heart shaped mouth and pink cheeks. A cute character that shows a multitude of facial expressions, while enjoying herself through themes of love, life and admiration. The character's pure as snow heart, filled with curiosity, soothes the soul.

Sale of artist collaboration goods

The collaboration goods available will vary by artist, but they will also be a memory of Japan. Perfect for those who want to get their favorite art goods, but can't buy the artworks.

Source: Palpito

A message for guests visiting Japan

The name of the Gallery, Palpito, is latin for "exciting, pulsating". As artworks will be regularly changed, you can come across new pieces that excite you with every visit.

The gallery unearths new artworks, introduces pieces that symbolize typically Japanese culture, and remodels the interior to fit with the art. So please look forward to just looking around as well.

 In addition, the gallery is located in the shopping-mecca Ginza, with a large and open glass facade, to make it easy to freely enter the building. In the future we wish to collaborate with international artists as well as Japanese artists, opening galleries all over the world.

▲The inside of the gallery features a simple interior design, but at times it will be remodeled to match the style of an artist's work.

▲The bright and open building is covered in art decorations showcasing pieces from the ongoing exhibtion.

■Palpito Ginza Location and nearest station

  2-11-14 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo

     Nearest station: Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line, Ginza 1-Chome Station, 2 min walk from Exit 11                   

               Hibiya Line, Higashi-Ginza Station, 3 min walk from Exit A8

                Ginza Line, Ginza Station, 4 min walk from Exit A13

          JR, Yurakucho Station, 8 min walk from Kyobashi Exit                  

     Opening hours: 10:30-18:30

     Closed: Tuesdays