The only-one establishment to know closely about the elegant world of maiko and geiko~Kyoto Gion Kagai Art Museum

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    • 2024-06-22

The only establishment in the world where visitors can view and take commemorative photos of maiko and geiko, who have been performing for more than 300 years, and experience the profound Hanamachi culture has opened. Visitors can enjoy an unprecedented cultural experience of Kyoto that they would not normally be able to see.

Let's see now contents of various experiences in the establishment.
■Seeing popular kyo-mai of Inoue-style that has long history by maiko and geiko

 You can see closely elegant kyo-mai by authentic maiko and geiko, which is very rare to see. The actions in attractive Kimono and the kyo-mai with fine movements of hands and feet are amazing. There are 4 kyo-mai performances per day.

■Memorial photos with maiko and geiko after seeing amazing kyo-mai

 You can take commemorative photos with maiko and geiko who performed graceful Kyoto-style dances. You can take a photo with you smartphone, but if you take an paid photo with an instant film, you can also get a senjufuda with the name of maiko or geiko in an original pochi-bukuro.

▲Instant film photo, senjufuda and pochi-bukuro

■Permanent exhibition that provides visitors with an easy-to-understand view of Hanamachi culture

 Maiko, geiko, and Hanamachi culture are introduced in an easy-to-understand manner. On display are gorgeous hand-painted yuzen kimonos, Nishijin textile sashes, and hairpins that change with the seasons. There is also English explanation with QR code.

「Museum shop」 featuring souvenirs related to maiko and geiko

「Kanzashi」 are used to decorate their hairs to match their kyo-mai
 Kanzashi are used by maiko and geiko to decorate their hairs according to their performances and types of kimono. Craftsmen make them one by one by hand with very few materials for them. There are also crafts such as folding fans and postcards.

「Art bar」 where you can enjoy local sake of Kyoto while viewing artwork.

The original sake bottle in the photo makes a Japanese bush warbler sound when sake is poured into the cup.

The bar offers 10 kinds of sake, including Kyoto's local sake, and Japanese whiskey in a space where original paintings of maiko and geiko are on display, as well as original posters of 「Miyako Odori」.

■Visitors can also tour the main building of Kabu Renjou Theatre and the pond garden. 

Main building of Kabu Renjou Theatre

 You can see a part of 「Main building of Kabu Renjou Theatre」, a 2 floor building in Japanese cypress where maiko and geiko perform the dance at 「Miyako-odori」. Traditional Japanese design has been incorporated into the ceiling, lighting, and other parts of the building. Visitors can also tour the garden, which features a tea ceremony room and a stone bridge. The garden is beautifully illuminated at night.

■Message to Guests visiting Japan
 Kyoto Gion is a town where maiko and geiko perform, but it is also a town for people living here. It is our pleasure if impressions and experiences in this establishment makes a wonderful memory of Kyoto.

■Information from Japan Shopping Tourism Association
The Gion Area which is one of the historical Kagai of Kyoto is a town where maiko and geiko perform, but it is also a town for people living here. In order to ease influences of overtourism, it is our pleasure if you become acquainted with this museum.

Location of Kagai Art Museum in Gion
    Place:Yasaka Club 570-2 Minamigawa Gion Town Higashiyama Ward Kyoto 
    The closest stations:Keihan Line Gion Shijo Station 7 minutes on foot
         Hankyu Line Kyoto Kawaramachi Station 10 minutes on foot
    ※Please check the website for details about how to enter the Kagai Art Museum and how to see kyo-mai.