Directly connected to Terminal 3 of Haneda Airport! Opening of "Haneda Airport Garden"

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The Haneda Airport Garden, a complex facility directly connected to the Japan's air gateway, Haneda Airport Terminal 3, was opened on January 31st!

With establishments such as hotels, hot springs, commercial areas, bus terminals, etc., and a shopping zone, there are many stores where you can feel Japanese culture.

This time, we will select and introduce main stores in the "Japan Promenade" and "Haneda Sando" area.

"Japan Promenade" with specialty products that can make you feel Japanese culture and technology

A total of 15 shops selling food, crafts and other goods line the street, where you can get a sense of Japanese culture just by walking along the noren (curtains).

・ Fukui Umbrella

Making good use of the textile industry in Fukui Prefecture, we make durable and elegant umbrellas with Japanese traditional techniques, using mainly paper umbrellas.

The universal design handle supports the umbrella with easy force, and the shape of the umbrella is beautiful.
It is an umbrella that allows you to enjoy a rainy day with your five senses, including vivid colors and sounds when the rain hits the umbrella.

・HARIO Satellite

A store directly managed by HARIO, a heat-resistant glass maker founded in 1921.
They also sell household goods such as HARIO coffee equipment and HARIO Lampwork Factory glass accessories.

Popular glass accessories include limited products available only at the Haneda Airport store which allows you to enjoy Japanese patterns, such as cherry blossoms and folded cranes.

V60 Olive Wood Standing Set: 13,200 yen, tax included

The dripper and server set is made of a natural design that fits in the house interior, making coffee time that more pleasurable.

・ Japanese tea Kimikura

"Japanese Tea Kimikura", which offers high-quality tea from all over the country, mainly from Shizuoka Prefecture, has established a store.
It is a flagship store that conveys "Japanese tea culture" to the world.

Art Print Package Collection HORI by Kimikura: 864 yen, tax included

"Haneda Airport Garden" Limited Package "HORI by Kimikura" sells tea, focused on the classic deep-steamed tea popular in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, in a limited Ukiyo-style art print package.
As a tea bag type, you can enjoy the authentic Japanese tea without a teapot.

■ Haneda Sando, where you can find Japanese-like souvenirs and varieted goods

In this area with a continuous torii gate, Japanese specialties and made-in-Japan products, such as Japanese sake and Japanese sweets - ideal for souvenirs - are gathered.

・ Victorinox

Victorinox, a Swiss brand that propagates multi-tools and kitchen knives, also sells Japanese-themed products only at "Haneda Airport Garden".

The zen panting style multi-tool is a Japanese-model product with Sengoku military commanders such as Nobunaga Oda, drawn in zen painting style.

There are 5 military commander versions, and each military commander's family crest is designed on the back side.
Price: 9,900 yen, tax included

・ Yamakoshi Honpo

You can experience the deliciousness of rice through a wide variety of goods, such as amazake, sponge cake, and pound cake, all made with rice.
The rice harvested in the Yamakoshi region of Niigata Prefecture is rich in nutrients and in umami taste.

Yamakoshi Junmaiginjo 60 (6,000 yen, tax included), Yamakoshi Junmaidaiginjo 60 (7,000 yen, tax included)

Junmaiginjo sake is made with Gohyakumangoku sake rice, grown under agreement with Yamakoshi area.

・Ebisu bean garden

"Ebisu bean garden" kintsuba store

Kintsuba (Sweet Bean Paste in Thin Dough Wrapping) specialty store, where you can purchase more than 10 types of kintsuba, with flavors ranging from the standard kintsuba, to fruits and chocolate.

Kintsuba with sakura (12 pieces): 4,862 yen, tax included

Other stores sell "Sakura Kintsuba" only in the spring season, but at the "Haneda Airport Garden" store, you can purchase it all year round.

In addition, the Sakura Fuji wrapping paper, which is popular as a celebratory gift and Japanese souvenir, is a package limited to the "Haneda Airport Garden" store.

・ si gu sa

The concept of this shop is to make the gestures of using chopsticks and bowls to be beautiful.
Centered on chopsticks, items that add color to your mealtime are lined up.

Chopsticks made from recycled baseball bats are a popular item. There is also a name engraving service for the chopsticks. (550 yen for 1 pair)

The handle is in the shape of a bat, and the team logos of 12 professional baseball teams are included.


Japanese stationery has become a part of culture due to its functionality, high quality, and design.
"KOKUYO DOORS" is a store of KOKUYO, which has been producing stationery for more than 100 years.

KOKUYODOORS Special Set: 4,000 yen, tax included

A special set packed with selected items, such as a square shaped glue stick, that makes it easy to apply on the paper corners, and a stapler that binds paper without using needles.

The first “stationery IoT vending machine” in Japan was also installed there.
There is a touch panel that supports Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean languages and cashless payment.

At "Haneda Airport Garden", there are many shops where you can easilly experience Japanese culture.
It's directly connected to the airport, so be sure to stop by when you visit Japan.

Facility information:
Location: Tokyo-to, Ota-ku, Haneda Airport 2-7-1
Access: Directly connected to Keikyu/Tokyo Monorail "Terminal 3" station
Business hours: Shopping service 8:00-21:00 Restaurants and cafes 8:00-23:00
※ The opening hours have been changed for the time being.
※ Opening hours of some shops vary.