Cafe "Tefu Tefu" with about 300 butterflies

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    • 2023-10-17

Ashiya is a 30-minute train ride from Osaka. The exterior of "Tefu Tefu" looks like an ordinary café, but as soon as you step inside, you are in a different world. In the greenhouse, about 300 butterflies of about 10 species are flying around, depending on the season and timing. Here, butterflies are raised from eggs in the greenhouse, and visitors can see the moment of hatching and experience having butterflies sit on their head or shoulders.

Lets take a look inside the store!
■Experience ① Butterflies may sit on your head, shoulders, or hands!

In the city, there are many birds and other predators of butterflies, but since there are none here, the butterflies are used to people and will fly around in front of you and even sit on your head, shoulders, or hands. However, the more the butterflies move their wings, the more their energy is depleted, shortening their only 2 weeks of life. Please watch them as quietly as possible.

■Experience ② You may be able to witness the moment of butterfly hatching!

 Butterflies hatch every day, and you can see their wings through their brown shells. If your timing is good, you may be able to see the moment of birth. It depends on your luck.

■Experience ③ You can see them sucking nectar and mating right in front of you.

Image source: Cafe & Gallery "Tefu Tefu”

In the greenhouse, you can see butterflies sucking nectar from the blooming flowers, and you can witness the moment when butterflies come to drink from the plates on the table filled with sports drinks. Tangerine trees and cabbage leaves are also placed in the greenhouse, so visitors can see butterflies mating and laying eggs.

We recommend not only the experience, but also the food and beverage menu.
The cafe's signature menu: Life Of Butterflies 1,200 yen (including tax), made in the image of a butterfly's life.

Image source: Cafe & Gallery "Tefu Tefu"

 The cup is filled with pudding, ice cream, fruit and cheesecake, covered with candy lid and decorated with cookies and chocolate in the shape of eggs, larvae and butterflies. In addition to this menu, traditional fruit parfait and chocolate parfait are also available.

■The restaurant has an adjoining gallery with butterfly paintings, based on the desire to fill the entire cafe with butterflies.

 More than 10 colorful and wonderful paintings by children with disabilities are displayed. We not only display the paintings, but also contribute to supporting the children's daily lives by selling them. Currently only the paintings by Japanese people are displayed . But the owner's dream is to expand the circle and display pictures of disabled people from all over the world in the future.

■Location of Cafe & Gallery "Tefu Tefu"
  4-12, Isecho, Ashiya-shi, Hyogo