The new commercial facility connecting asakusa and the Tokyo Sky Tree®, Tokyo Mizumachi®!

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With the appearance of the Sumida River Walk, which connects two popular tourist destinations in Tokyo (Askusa and the Sky Tree), walking around downtown has become a much closer activity. We will tell you about the recommended restaurants and hostels in the newly created commercial facility “Tokyo Mizumachi”, connected to this touristic corridor.

First, lets cross the Sumida River Walk from Asakusa.

The Sumida River Walk is a pedestrian bridge crossing the Sumida river. Using this bridge, you can cross from Asakusa into Tokyo Mizumachi and the Tokyo Sky Tree Town.

You can enjoy the great view of the Sumida river.

Tokyo Mizumachi, from when you can see the Kitajikken river

You can see Tokyo Mizumachi under the railway crossing right after crossing the bridge.

On one side of Tokyo Mizumachi you can see the river and on the other, Sumida Park, full of vegetation.

Buy, eat and stay at Tokyo Mizumachi

Fashionable design products from all over Japan gather at KONCENT

The first place we will visit will be KONCENT, a shop selling mainly daily life products. From cooking utensils to fashionable bags, design company “h Concept” does collaboration products with designers and manufacturers under the idea of bringing a rich and colorful daily life through object design. It is fun enough to just browse but picking up an interesting souvenir for your family or friends is nice too.

The hugely popular +d Koneko cup, also known as the perpetual kitten creator. Put rice into the mold and it takes the shape of a kitten just by flipping it. You can create a truly unique platter with this item.

Make sure to fill the ear areas as well. Only placing it in your kitchen can make it a very cute space.

This is an Animal Stool, just as cute as a real pet.

They are made by the wooden furniture manufacturer Takumi Kohgei, in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. A Japanese brand with 30 years experience in creating wooden craft, placing great importance in handcrafting. They are soft and warm to the touch and you can hardly resist petting them.

These are handkerchief aprons.

That’s right, a handkerchief can quickly transform into an apron. You can use it as either.

If you try to to use a handkerchief as an apron, the corners fold in and it becomes really narrow. These handkerchiefs do not fold in and help you avoid dirtying your clothes. An item surely you’ll want in your bag. The length of the strings can also be adjusted.

You may think this was designed by a fashion conscious woman, but it actually came from a ramen and clothing loving man.

What about some lunch after shopping? You can visit the cafe-dining LAND_A, offering a large variety of morning and dinner options for all ages next door.

They use fresh, high-quality vegetables through contract farmers. It has a terrace where you can enjoy a liberating feeling by the river. It is really nice.


WISE OWL HOSTELS RIVER TOKYO is expected to open at Tokyo Mizumachi on 2021.

The lounge on the 1st floor has a cafe and bar and will bring more activity to Sumida as a space you can spend time in even if you are not staying.

As for the rooms, there are 23 private ones on the 2nd floor and 4 rooms on the 1st floor are bunk bed dormitories.

For the time being, these will be offered in a monthly basis, as a sharehouse.

* For details, please visit the website.

Facility information

「Tokyo Mizumachi 」Basic information

■Location:1 Mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

■Business hours: Varies by each store

■Regular holiday: Irregular holiday

■Access:8 minutes on foot from the Tokyo SkytreeStation Tokyo Skytree Line

「Sumida River Walk」 Basic information

■Opening hours: 7:00 am~10:00 pm All year

* May change depending on the season and events being held.

* Sumidagawa Bridge light-up hours: from sunset to the last train.

* There are cases in which it may be closed due to weather or other causes.

■ Location: Tokyo-to Sumida-ku, Mukoujima 1-Chome

Japan, 131-0033 Tokyo-to Sumida-ku, Mukoujima 1-Chome

■ Access fee: Free

■Access restrictions: Motorcycles not allowed, bicycles allowed only hand pushed along (considered as pedestrian)

* However, there are cases in which limitations will be placed in case of crowding due to events.