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    • 2020-11-09
草間彌生《天空にささげたわたしの心のすべてをかたる花たち》 2018年

The work of Japanese avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama is an unforgettable polka dot pattern that looks like a living thing. Even if you are not interested in art, many people may have known from collaboration with Louis Vuitton and Ferragamo.

We introduce Yayoi Kusama Museum in Tokyo today.


Yayoi Kusama started her creative activities by drawing the hallucinations she saw when she was a child and overcoming that fear. Since then, she has continued to make a work of hallucinations and visions of the inner world. This exhibition is a recent and new exhibition consisted of only the works that have been released for the first time in Japan and the world in the past 10 years under the theme of various visions that Yayoi Kusama sees.


From the latest painting series "My Eternal Soul" to the latest works that continue to draw the vision that overflows from inside of herself on 1 meter square screen, also the latest participatory project "Flower Obsession" which was realized the the vision of hallucinations that flowers cover the whole room, the immersive installation work "Infinite Mirror Room-Wishes for Human Happiness Calling from Beyond the Universe" for this exhibition will be unveiled for the first time.

草間彌生《無限の鏡の間 -宇宙の彼方から呼びかけてくる人類の幸福への願い》2019年

The present form of Kusama Vision, which transforms the horrifying hallucinations into a vision that brings ecstasy to the infinite cosmic stardust, and depicts a longing for the universe and the unknown world.

Let`s go to the museum shop at the entrance after viewing. From sweets to objects, there are a lot of cute products that are full of Yayoi Kusama's uniqueness. It will be a great gift for art lovers.

かぼちゃのオブジェ 各20,000円
かぼちゃパース(左)10,000円  かぼちゃクラッチ(右)45,000円 *(右)は現在、販売しておりません
草間彌生美術館限定プティゴーフル バニラ風味クリーム(2枚入り×3袋)900円



Until March 29(Monday) 2021

・Closed Day:Tuesday・Wednesday(exclude holidays) also the end of year and new year on December 28, 2020~January 7, 2021

・Opening hours


・Admission fee

Adult:1,100yen(Included tax)

Elementary, Junior high and High school students:600yen(Included tax)

※Free of charge for preschoolers. No group discount is available.


Scheduled reservation / capacity system (90 minutes each time)

Tickets for the month after next will be on sale on the Yayoi Kusama Museum website at 10:00 (Japan time) on the first day of every month.

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