Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse has been renewed! 25 new popular stores including Disney HARVEST MARKET

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    • 2023-01-09

The Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, a tourist spot that represents Yokohama, reopened on December 6th (Tuesday) after undergoing its first renovation!

The concept is “BRAND NEW “GATE””, and 66 stores are open, including 25 new stores such as Disney HARVEST MARKET by CAFE COMPANY and Chocola Meets.
This time, I participated in the preview on the day before the opening and covered the charm of the reborn Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse.

■ More comfortable shared spaces

Shared spaces such as the food court and balconies have also been refurbished to make them even more relaxing.


The food court located on the 1st floor of Building No. 2 has a lineup that allows you to enjoy a wider variety of meals.
The eating space is a relaxing space that matches a variety of occasions, with comfortable sofa seating and terrace seating where you can enjoy the location.


In the balcony area on the 2nd floor of Building 2, we have added sofa seats that overlook the scenery of Minato Mirai, creating a more comfortable space.

■ Featured New Store Restaurant

1. Disney HARVEST MARKET By CAFE COMPANY (first store in Kanagawa)

With the brand concept of "Japan Local", this café and gift shop that delivers "deliciousness" from all over Japan throughout the four seasons, is the second to open, following the one in "Shibuya Hikarie".

Based on the store concept of "Yokohama Fisherman's Wharf", we also offer store-limited menus, such as the "Ocean Afternoon Tea Set".
¥3,850 (tax included) / 1 person
*Photos and orders are for 2 people*


UNI COFFEE ROASTERY, which operates stores with different concepts mainly in the Yokohama area, has opened a Brooklyn-style store that makes the most of the red brick warehouse.


In addition to the standard popular drinks, there is also a store-limited food menu, that you can only get here.

■ Featured New Store Sweets

1. MILK MARCHÉ (First store nationwide)


Takanashi Foods, a member of the Takanashi Dairy Products Group, has opened MILK MARCHÉ, the first shop in Japan where you can enjoy desserts with seasonal menus that combine milk and delicious ingredients.

You can enjoy milk and dairy products made from raw milk from one of Japan's leading production areas, and desserts using delicious seasonal ingredients.

4.0牛乳のソフトクリーム (税込400円)

There is also a selection of bottle desserts that look gorgeous and cute.

*Information as of December 2022.

2. Chocola Meets (first permanent commercial facility)

Yokohama's craft chocolate brand "Chocola Meets" has opened its first directly managed store at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. We will sell craft chocolate made from fair trade cocoa beans in art packages drawn by various artists.

This time, we have only introduced some of them, but many other shops have opened, and there are many limited-edition products that can only be purchased or eaten here.
Why don't you visit the "Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse", which has been renewed and has become even more like Yokohama?

Facility Information: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
Location: 1-1 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 231-0001
Opening hours: [Building 1] 10:00-19:00 [Building 2] 11:00-20:00
※Restaurants' vary according to stores.
*The 2nd floor space and 3rd floor hall of Building No. 1 vary depending on the event.
Access: About 6 minutes on foot from Minatomirai Line "Bashamichi Station" or "Nihon Odori Station"