I visited the popular spot "Mysterious Vending Machine Corner" in Akihabara, Tokyo!

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    • 2021-09-17

One thing that surprises foreign visitors to Japan is the number of vending machines on the streets.

There are so many vending machines that you can find one about every 30 seconds while walking around Tokyo.

Most of the products are beverages, so this frequent appearing oasis help our thirst on hot summer days.

In the center of Tokyo, on the outskirts of Akihabara, which is often visited by foreign tourists, there is a "Fear vending machine corner".

【Location and appearance】

Exit the ticket gate of the nearest station, Akihabara Station.

A three-minute walk away from the glamour of the maid cafes lining the street, cross the Mansei Bridge and you will see the famous "Nikuno-Mansei Main Store".

You can see the "vending machine corner" on the back of that gorgeous building.

Its presence is strangely not out of place with its surroundings, and its moderate retro feel attracts our hearts.

Still, it takes courage to enter the area.

I did my best to get closer, step by step.


The "popcorn vending machine" is set up at a place that seems to say "I'm the star".

This vending machine with its strong presence is manufactured by a company called "Ikemoto Auto Body Industries".

I found the product information on the company's website.

"We use high quality corn from the U.S. and take care during the production process".

"Butter flavor, lightly salted flavor, and curry flavor are offered to meet diversifying needs".

I see ..., ...what?

It says "three flavor - popcorn vending machine", but if you look closely at the buttons to select the product, you can see (1) butter flavor, (2) butter flavor, and (3) you can' t press it...

This contradiction, for some reason, makes me excited.

【Chip star, beetle and meat sauce】

Next, I stood in front of what seemed to be the most orthodox vending machine.

At first glance, there is nothing strange about it.

But don't be fooled into thinking that it is just a vending machine for beverages.

I'm also curious about the "quail eggs" relegated to the edge and the "train (N gauge)" on the top row.

But let's focus on the bottom row.

It is a perfect lineup of bronze medal "meat sauce", silver medal "beetle" and gold medal "chip star (potato chips)".

I was impressed.

【Oden and milk biscuits】

The lineup of products in the other vending machines is also very impressive.

You can find "Oden" and "Milk Biscuit" in this machine.

The great thing is the selection of oden, which comes in two types, normal and high quality.


There has probably been an unprecedented baseball boom in this neighborhood.

So, it is a "Ball" vending machine.

For 290 yen, you and I can become a hero.

【Bells and toothpaste】

And finally, there it is, the "bells".

It's not just a bell, it says "Everyone's bell".

Maybe it says "Everyone's bell" because there are about 20 of them in the package?

On the other hand, there is a toothpaste selection that is unique to vending machines that mainly sell beverages.

They probably prepared a toothpaste called Sensodyne for hypersensitivity, thinking of people whose teeth sting from cold drinks. *There are many theories.

So, there are still many spots in Japan that can' t be solved by science.

Why not explore some of Japan's hidden gems on your next visit to Japan?