Products released from GRANSTA TOKYO, Tokyo Station in 2022  10 most popular sweets bought as souvenirs

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The latest ranking of the "Top 10 Tokyo Station Limited Souvenirs (Sweets) Sales" for new products released by GRANSTA TOKYO at Tokyo Station in 2022 were announced. They are perfect as souvenirs for when you visit your family as well as greeting gifts during New Year holidays.

■ Top 10 Tokyo Station Limited Souvenirs (Sweets) released in 2022

Strawberry Burger 6 pieces(1,188 yen)/ Captain Sweets Burger

Strawberry chocolate with sour-sweet strawberries kneaded into it. Strawberry-scented bun cookies filled with whipped chocolate.

Calbee+×Tokyo Banana Jagabanana Banana & Butter Flavor "Miitsuketa"  5 packs(594 yen)/Jaga Boulde

Collab product of Calbee+ and Tokyo Banana that created this miraculously yummy flavor. The crispiness and the richness of bananas and butter spreads in your mouth as you bite.

Patisserie Selection 12 pieces GRANSTA Limited(3,888 yen)/PIERRE MARCOLIN

Assortment of 3 baked sweets in a red box. Available only at GRANSTA TOKYO. Recommended as a gift or souvenir.

Tokyo Chocolat Sablé 24 pieces(2,376 yen)/Mary's Chocolate

Assorted cacao flavored chocolate cookies from a chocolate maker in a package with watercolor-styled Marunouchi Station Building of Tokyo Station.


Soft & moist canulé baked in the moring Plain 1 piece (350 yen)/boB

GRANDSTA TOKYO limited canulé baked in the same morning. New-styled canulé that is crispy outside and melty and soft inside.

Suica Penguin’s House Can (3,240 yen) / Caffarel

The tin shaped like a house with a triangular roof has a Suica penguin with a Suica card and suitcase on it. This is the assortment of 19 popular foiled chocolates including Caffarel's melty gianduja.

French Toast Financier Rum Raisin 6 pieces (1,080 yen) / Ivorish

Ivorish’s popular bread-shaped French toast financier now available with rum raisins. Enjoy the acquired taste of the financier with dark rum and minced rum raisins.

KASA-NETA Mix 4 pieces(1,700 yen)/AMAMIKAORI Lab

The sablé with a texture that melts in your mouth and the two types of butter cream that are smooth to the touch combine to form a trinity of delicacies that spread in your mouth. 4 pieces in total, 2 pistache & raspberry and 2 rum raisin & chocolate.

Warandon Pudding 1 cup (420 yen)/Waranka Rarara

The special pudding made with the fresh and rich yolk of "Mahou-ran Gold," an egg that has been certified as the best egg in Japan. The use of wasanbon sugar enhances the richness of the egg yolk with a gentle sweetness, and the caramel and optional soybean flour add richness to the pudding, making a heartwarming Japanese pudding.

Salted Butter Sablé Rectangle 3 pieces(1,080 yen)/petit gargantua

The sable with fermented butter and sun-dried sea salt served at main dining of Imperial Hotel packed in a bag-shaped package. This product was made to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of petit gargantuan and good as a small gift or souvenir.

These are the 10 most popular sweets of all released in 2022. Everything above can be bought at Tokyo Station. Come check GRANSTA TOKYO when you visit Tokyo for sightseeing.

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