Tokyo-only 'Hagi no Tsuki' sister product, the "Hagino Shirabe Koh White"

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    • 2022-10-14

One of the pleasures of sightseeing in Japan is the plentiful choice of souvenirs. "Hagi no Tsuki", "Tokyo Banana" and "Shiroi Koibito" are some of the classic Japanese souvenirs! "Hagi no Tsuki", is proudly known as Sendai's famous confectionary and overwhelmingly popular for its soft and fluffy texture. The item we are introducing is "Hagi no Tsuki's" sister article, "Hagino Shirabe Koh", which is only available in Tokyo and a hot topic in social media.

Go to Tokyo Station to buy the rare "White Hagi no Tsuki"
"GRANSTA Tokyo" is a convenient shopping area where you can buy souvenirs within JR Tokyo Station. It is closest to the station by entering through the Marunouchi Central Exit ticket gate on the 1st floor.
At Kasho Sanzen in Gransta Tokyo, the white Hagi no Tsuki "Hagino Shirabe Koh White" is a famous confectionery only found in Tokyo, and large rows of customers waiting to purchase continue since its opening. It is a souvenir that will surely please everyone.

The "Hagino Shirabe Koh's" package has a retro design with a glittering rabbit printed in gold foil. The package also has English letters, making it to stand out.
When you open the package, in contrast to the "Hagi no Tsuki", it is white...!

"Hagino Shirabe Koh White" is made with pure "egg whites" and elaborated using a unique process that produces a mellow and gently sweet white custard cream.
The "white custard cream", made using a unique process, has a mild and gentle sweetness. Its chewy texture and milky sweetness are irresistible.

Hagino Shirabe Koh White
Pack of 6, 1300 yen (incl. tax) Pack of 12, 2600 yen (incl. tax) Pack of 18, 3900 yen (incl. tax)
Tax-free for purchases of over 5,000 yen.

Would you also try the new "Hagino Shirabe You" chocolate cookies?
Unlike "Hagino Shirabe Koh", "Hagino Shirabe You" are special chocolate cookies. The chocolate cookies are sandwiched in a chocolate langue-de-chat, reminiscent of glaze.
The package also has a cute retro design with rabbits on it.

The soft chocolaty taste and aroma, the chequered cookie crispiness and the rich taste of the smooth cream from deep-roasted nuts.

Pack of 8, 1760 yen (incl. tax)

When buying souvenirs from Tokyo Station, it is easy to get lost in the plethora of choices, but the sweets introduced here today are recommended for both fans of "Hagi no Tsuki" as well as for the not so keen.

Shop information:

Kasho Sanzen Gransta Tokyo Store
Location: Central aisle area in the ticket gates on the 1st floor of JR Tokyo Station
Opening hours: 8:00 - 22:00 (Mon - Sat)
8:00 - 21:00 (Sun / public holidays)
8:00 - 21:00 (Sun & public holidays)

*Open until 22:00 the day prior to public holidays.

Haginotsuki Twinkling White" is available only in Tokyo.To purchase "Hagi no Tsuki", please visit the following related stores.