Get the official Tokyo merchandise! "Tokyo Tokyo" pop up store opening at Maruzen Marunouchi Main Store

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For people who love to travel, there are probably many who buy souvenirs with the names of the cities they've visited. One famous example is "I LOVE NY" merchandise from New York. To these people we would now like to introduce merchandise from the official brand of Tokyo, "TokyoTokyo". A pop up store will open December 27, in the bookstore Maruzen Marunouchi Main Store (1 minute walk from Tokyo station). The editorial department has selected five recommended items to introduce from the merchandise available at the pop up store.

Recommended product ①: Happy Daruma / MameHapy

First appearing in the Edo period, "Daruma" dolls are lucky charms for people's wishes. The eyes are left blank because you draw them in when the wish comes true. The weight on the bottom makes sure it stands up again if it tips over, symbolising the spirit of not giving up. Usually, the beard and eyebrows on "Daruma" dolls are drawn in black, but with wishes of success and victory, this "Happy Daruma" features a gold colour. Each modern "Daruma" doll is handmade, each one has its own character and is unique in its own way.

▲"Happy Daruma" big 9㎝:1210\ / "MameHapy" small 5㎝:605\

Recommended product ②・・・TokyoTokyo TOKYO CITY T-shirt A (white)

The CITY series features modern illustrations of famous tourist spots in Tokyo. The thick fabric and oversized sizing make this T-shirt easy to wear for both men and women.

▲ It depicts the famous Shibuya district, with its large number of people crossing the street at the same time!  1 T-shirt 4400\

Recommendation ・・・TokyoTokyo Pouch with pictograms of famous places

This is a small pouch with a pictogram of famous places in Tokyo and Japan in a POP design.

  100% cotton, size H180cm/W25cm 1 piece 1650\

Recommended product ・・・TokyoTokyo Classic pattern patchwork mask

This is a mask with an original pattern printed on it, stylised as a classic ornament.
This mask is made using Japanese antibacterial gauze and has a string to adjust the size.

A mask case is included. 1piece 1980\

Recommended product ・・・ Jigsaw Puzzle / Jigsaw Puzzle with gold leaf pattern

In addition to the three patterns "Lively Scramble Crossing of Shibuya", "Beautiful Skyline of Tokyo City and Mt. Fuji" and "Night View of Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower", there are also two patterns with gold leaf cover: "Illustration of the streets of Tokyo, Japan against a golden background" and "Silhouettes of typical Tokyo buildings against a golden checkered background".

▲ Jigsaw Puzzle: 1,320\ / Jigsaw Puzzle with gold leaf pattern: 2,200\

■TokyoTokyo is an ICON that promotes the charm of Tokyo to the world!

"Traditions handed down from the Edo period and cutting-edge culture that continues to innovate. The two coexist and deepen each other, creating new value every day. The fun. The energy. Let people know more about it. Let people feel it. Tokyo will surely enthrall the world".

It was created as part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's efforts to establish the "Tokyo Brand", which gives a strong impression of Tokyo as a travel destination. "Tokyo" in brushstrokes and "Tokyo" in Gothic script express the characteristics of Tokyo, where Edo-period tradition coexists with an advanced culture.

A wide range of products have been designed with the Tokyo Tokyo concept in mind, as well as original plans to create an attractive Tokyo souvenir.

There are many interesting designs and quality products that you can pick up and admire. Why not find your own unique souvenir?

A message from the shop

Maruzen, the host of this event, is a bookstore and stationery shop that is a source of various culture and information. From the heart of Japan and the heart of Tokyo, we will be selling Tokyo Tokyo brand goods. EHONS TOKYO (picture books and original goods) is currently on the first floor, and there are also galleries, cafes, a watch and clock shop, an eyewear shop, and weekly events.

Located close to Tokyo Station, it is a great place to stop by when visiting the Marunouchi area. 

Scenes from the 2020 event

Tokyo Tokyo POP UP STORE

A limited number of novelty items will be available for purchase. (Quantities are limited and will end as soon as they are gone.)

1F Marunouchi Oazo, 1-6-4 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo   

Nearest Station: 1 minute walk from Tokyo Station on JR Lines and Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line    


Period: 27 December 2021 - 18 January 2022 (tentative)

Closing days: None (except 1 January and statutory inspection days).

Opening hours: 9:00 - 21:00 (31 December and 2 January: 9:00 - 19:00)