The flavors of Tokyo have gathered! Daimaru Tokyo Store "TOKYO's Pride Flavors Tour”

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From the well established old-fashioned stores to the latest sweets brands, all the carefully selected items are gathered at Tokyo Daimaru.

Besides being able to purchase the standard Tokyo souvenirs, you may also be able to rediscover a new taste of Tokyo!

■TOKYO's pride flavors tour

"Hoppe Town" is the sweets and gourmet floor on the 1st and B1st floor of the Daimaru Tokyo Store.

Among them, there is a great variety of Japanese and Western confectionery for souvenirs, and you can find unique Tokyo gems from long-established and popular shops with their head offices in Tokyo.

■Popular souvenirs in Hoppe Town

In Hoppe Town, you can purchase a variety of confectionary such as Japanese and Western sweets.

Here are the three items that are particularly popular among the Japanese customers.

Komagome Nakazato 'Assortment (4 deep-fried monaka, 2 nanban-yaki)' (¥1,340)

The crispy ”Age-monaka", fried in sesame oil has a texture and taste that overturns the concept of monaka. The "Nanban-yaki" is also a popular item of which the dough, made with brown sugar is steam fried.

※Because the Age-monaka is hand-made by a limited number of workers, we are currently experiencing a shortage. Therefore, for the time being, we have set a purchase limit of up to 12 tickets per person.

N.Y.C.SAND 'N.Y. Caramel Sandwich' (8 pieces) (¥1,296)

Simmered caramel sandwiched between crispy butter cookies. This is a popular sweet that has people lining up for it every day.

Message de Rose 'TOKYO corn fleurie' (5 pieces) (JPY 1,728)

Rose gift chocolates that are semi-handmade and carefully crafted one by one. The chocolates that look like bouquets are sure to be pleasing as souvenirs and gifts.

■It is an item that is especially popular among overseas tourists

We talked to the person in charge of the sweets department and they told us which items that are especially often purchased by the overseas tourists.

Ginza Akebono 'Shiratama Mame Daifuku' (6 pieces) (1,488 yen)

The mame daifuku which uses shiratama flour in the making process has the right amount of softness and a chewy texture as its characteristic.

Kano Shoujuan 'Amo KARUTA' (2,592 yen)

It is a sweet made by sandwiching "amo", which is the combination between adzuki beans and gyuhi, in a monaka with a picture of Hyakunin Isshu. The appearance is also very gorgeous as Japanese product.

Koshiro Mori 'Koshiro Mori's Dorayaki' (5 pieces) (1,296 yen) *Price will be 1,404 yen from 3 Oct (Mon) due to a price revision

It is an exquisite dorayaki with a fluffy dough and moist grainy red bean paste.
Furthermore, "mochi", "matcha", and "kinako" are very popular keywords among customers from overseas, and many people come looking for sweets using these ingredients.

If you have the chance, don't you want to purchase the souvenirs that are unique to Japan?

It is the Daimaru Tokyo store "Hoppe Town" where the taste of Tokyo gathers.

It's close to Tokyo station, so why not stop by to find some souvenirs?

store information:

Daimaru Tokyo store

1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6701

Immediately from JR Tokyo Station Yaesu North Exit ticket gate

Business hours:

10:00 A.M~08:00 P.M (B1F~11F) open everyday (except New Year's Day)