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▲Image Source: The Conran Shop

Tokyo's Daikanyama area has an air of trendiness and culture. The Conran Shop Daikanyama, located on Hillside Terrace in Daikanyama, features accessories focused on Asia, including Japan, as well as a tea bar and a gallery, where you can enjoy Japanese tea leaves and have a chill time.

We bring some of the recommended products in the store.

・① ''Kofuku bowl" of lacquerware from Wajima Kirimoto, renowned for its high quality lacquerware.

▲Dish Large - 19,800 yen, medium - 17,600 yen, small - 15,400 yen (prices include consumption tax)

The surface of the vessel has a matte finish, and the largest vessel can be used to hold and store other vessels. The large bowl is lightweight and is used to bring along on trips for taking a tea break. The smaller bowls are used for desserts and baby food. They come in two colors: black and bengala.

・② ''SIRI SIRI", a faceted series of accessories designed by a Japanese lady.

▲ Bangle (left) 58,300 yen, Ring (upper right) 55,000 yen, Earrings 50,600 yen

This is a glass accessory using the faceted glass technique. Because it is translucent, it is a wonderful accessory for any type of clothing, including monotone and chic clothes.

・③ Chokeikyo's original tea leaves

▲ Roasted green tea - 1,512 yen, Chokeikyo blended tea - 2,916 yen, Steamed jade green tea - 2,700 yen

We have gathered tea leaves of quality from all over Japan, to originate 3 types of Chokeikyo's original tea leaves. Roasted green tea is the most popular and most familiar tea leaf, and is often purchased as a gift. Steamed jade green tea is sweet and rich, and is satisfying to drink. The Chokeikyo blend is a mixture of black tea and roasted tea, and has a distinctive burdock aroma, making it different from other teas in terms of impact. Served with Japanese sweets at the TEA BAR on the B1 floor.

▲On the B1 floor, there is a gallery space that introduces the artists and writers we met on our buying trip (the details of the exhibits change accordingly).

・Message to guests visiting Japan

 All of the goods sold in the store are purchased by our staff members who travel around Japan and other Asian countries to talk directly with excellent makers. We would be very happy if our products can be a hint for better living or an accent to your daily life for those who purchase our products.

▲Source: The Conran Shop

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