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Rolex is popular worldwide and difficult to get your hands on, but the Quark Ginza 888 Store handles about 200 items ranging from vintage to parallel imports and used items, boasting the largest selection in Japan. For this reason, it is talked about by enthusiasts at other watch stores as "the place to look for Rolex". In Ginza, where more than 50 luxury watch brand stores and antique watch stores are located, this is the store to check out if you are thinking of purchasing a Rolex.

Source: Quark Ginza 888 Store

Whether you are a Rolex lover, or a Rolex beginner, let's take a look at some recommended products together!

■New Rolex recommendation ・・・ Highly popular Daytona Ref.116500LN White Dial

A chronograph type with a stopwatch function developed for race car drivers. This model was introduced in 1963; the one shown in the picture is the type manufactured since 2016. Ceramic is used to prevent scratches on the bezel. White dials are fashionable now. 6,198,000 yen (Price as of May 2022, incl. tax)

New Rolex recommendation ・・・Oyster Perpetual 36 Ref.126000 Coral Red

Equipped with the functions developed by Rolex - waterproof case and self-winding (Perpetual), this model is specialized for the functions that form the base of all Rolex models. The red dial released in 2020 is characteristic of this model, but is valuable as it is no longer manufactured. 2,698,000 yen (Price as of May 2022, incl. tax)

Vintage Rolex recommendation ・・・ Submariner Date Ref.1680 (aka Red Sub)

This is an early model with the Submariner letter printed in red on the dial. Because the model that is in production now has letters printed in white, this is a vauable model. 4,288,000 yen (price as of May 2022, incl. tax)

Rolex recommendation for women ・・・ Used Datejust Ref.79173G

No longer in production, this standard type of ladies' size Datejust is very popular. The case and bracelet are a combination of stainless steel and 18k yellow gold, with diamonds on the dial.

For diamond lovers, there is also a type with diamonds on the bezel. 738,000 yen (Price as of May 2022, incl. tax)

■Valuable Rolex ・・・ Daytona Ref.116515LN

The dial is made of meteorite material, and no two pieces have the same pattern, making this type of watch very rare. The case is made of 18k pink gold, the belt is made of rubber and is very gorgeous and popular. It costs 23,998,000 yen (Price as of May 2022, tax incl.), but it is said that more than one of these watches are sold every month.

■Message to Guests Visiting Japan

We have the largest selection of new, vintage and used Rolex watches in Japan. Vintage and used Rolex watches are guaranteed to be of the highest quality through our own quality research. Also, from a global perspective, purchasing in Japan is both safer in terms of quality, as well as the price being lower.

The store has English and Chinese speaking staffs as we have many international customers. Whether you are a fan of Rolex or just starting out, we are here to help find the perfect Rolex for each customer.

About 200 Rolex are on display all over the store.

▲The store is located on the main street of Ginza, where luxury brands are lined up.

Location/nearest station of Quark Ginza 888 Store    

Nearest station: 3 minutes walk from Shimbashi Station on JR Lines, Toei Subway and Tokyo Metro Ginza Line  

5 minutes walk from Ginza Station on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line/Hibiya Line/Marunouchi Line

Opening hours: 11:00 - 19:30

Closed: No holidays