Shop before your departure at the largest duty-free shop in Japan! ~Kansai International Airport New International Flight Area

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    • 2024-02-03

In December last year, 27 new stores opened in the departure area of Kansai International Airport, including Japan's largest walk-through duty-free shop and jewelry brands opening their first stores at the airport. There is also a service that allows you to shop smoothly, so why not use it to reward yourself or buy souvenirs before leaving Japan?

Let's take a look at the featured shops.
Recommended store : Limited products available only here, the walk-through type general duty-free shop "KIX DUTY FREE"

When you finish the departure procedure, the first thing you see is KIX DUTY FREE. It is a walk-through type, and there are corners for cosmetics, alcohol, cigarettes, and sweets on both sides of the aisle. There are about 84 brands of cosmetics, including popular brands representing Japan and many brands that will be making their first appearance at Kansai Airport.

Kicks Duty Free's smooth new shopping experience: "Online Pre-Ordering"

If you use online pre-ordering, you can simply pick up your product at the duty-free shop at the time of departure. It is a nice service that saves time, so you don't have to seek for products or wait in line. Pre-orders can be placed up to 3 hours before departure.

・A dedicated corner where popular typical Japanese sweets can be purchased from a touch panel

You can order and purchase about 50 types of products from 6 brands such as chocolate "ROYCE", cookie "Shiroi Koibito", and Western confectionery "LeTAO" on the touch panel. The touch panel is available in five languages: Japanese, English, Korean and both simplified and traditional Chinese.

Recommended store : Would you like to enjoy Japanese food with a handmade touch? "Nihon no Shokudo"

 The menu focuses on 11 kinds of udon noodles, Chinese soba noodles, colorful sushi and sandwiches that are perfect for light meals, and is particular about the food that is popular in Japan. In addition, carefully selected water and tea are also available. We recommend the Meat burdock tempura Udon for 1, 400 yen and the Naniwa sushi for 2, 200 yen (prices are duty-free as of January 2024). The same shall apply hereinafter.)

■Recommended store : Plenty of delicious sweets from the Kansai region such as Osaka and Kyoto, "Kansai Tabinikki"

▲Image source: Kansai Airports Co., Ltd.

There are about 50 kinds of sweets that are popular in Kansai area, and it is the last chance for those who forgot to buy souvenirs for family and friends. Among them, we recommend Mukashin's sweet "Hollow (Kubomi)", which has a cute package. As the name suggests, the middle is hollowed, white chocolate is placed in it, and the outside has a moist texture that you can enjoy in two flavors: cocoa and matcha. This product is sold exclusively at three airports in Kansai (Kansai Airport, Osaka Airport, and Kobe Airport).

▲"Matcha Milk Sable 'Hollow' (Kubomi)" 8 pieces for 1, 100 yen

■Recommended store : Having ramen is the last thing to do before leaving Japan! 「MENSHO」

▲Image source: Kansai Airports Co., Ltd.
Among the five types of ramen menus, we recommend the "White Truffle-scented Thick Chicken Broth Ramen" for 1, 880 yen. Kelp and porcini mushroom broth are added to the rich chicken soup to bring together the aroma of white truffles. The noodles are made from domestic wheat.
・With a large space with a height more than 4 meters and a production made with Japan style, the PLAZA area is a place where you can relax
▲Image source: Kansai Airports Co., Ltd.
It is a relaxing space made to look as if there's moss on the floor and digital signage on the pillars, creating a scene of Japan. Not only can you relax, but there are also mobile phone chargers, so please use it to post on social media while looking back on your memories and photos of your trip to Japan.
■Location of each shop
Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 Bldg. 2nd Floor New International Departure Area