I tried a simple arrangement with the top 3 popular Japanese chocolate bars!

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    • 2021-10-23

This time, I will introduce the latest popularity ranking of chocolate bar released in Japan so far.

I also tried a simple arrangement with the top 3 products.

First is the popularity ranking.

★Chocolate bar popularity ranking (Everyone's ranking : Updated on October10th)

1st Meiji Milk Chocolate

2nd Lotte Ghana Milk

3rd Lotte Crunky

4th Meiji Strawberry Chocolate

5th Meiji White Chocolate

6th Lotte Ghana Roast Milk

7th HERSHEY'S Giant Milk Chocolate

8th Meiji The Chocolate Elegant Bitter

9th Milka Chocolate Alpine Milk

10th Meiji Chocolate Kouka(effect) Cacao 95%

Let's take a look at the top 3 products and simple arrangements!

【1st : Meiji Milk Chocolate】

"I want something sweet!" when feel so, we want to eat milk chocolate of Meiji.

Moderate sweetness makes our body and soul happy.

The price is reasonable, the taste is simple, and we can eat with great peace of mind.

It is a wonderful sweet that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Let's change this chocolate.

It is a chocolate bar x cookie sandwich that we often see on SNS.

Cookie sandwiches are a popular product with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between cookies.

Put Meiji milk chocolate on top and bake it in a toaster, and it`s done.

A trio of melted hot chocolate, cookie crunch, and cool ice cream.

It seems that we can enjoy various tastes depending on the length of the baking time.

【2nd : Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate】

We can rest assured that the taste has not changed since long ago.

The mellow sweetness that melts in the mouth is not over rich and has a light taste.

It will be very happy for chocolate lovers to be able to get it anytime, anywhere.

Let's use two items for this arrangement.

Biscuits and marshmallows.

Put marshmallows on one and chocolate on the other on top of the two biscuits turned inside out.

Add heat the marshmallows longer and the chocolate shorter with a toaster.

It is completed to put together.

The matching of fluffy marshmallows and melted chocolate is the best.

It looks like this when crushed to make it easier to eat.

【3rd : Lotte Crunky】

There are a lot of puffs expressed in the package and it feels crispy.

The sweet and smooth chocolate matches the puff and it`s a very delicious product.

It is not very thick and is made to be eaten quickly.

Let's make an arrangement that makes the most of this crispness.

This is also the popular product, use Mona-oh ice cream.

Cut Mona-oh into upper and lower parts.

Boldly sandwich the Crunky between these.

The texture is the best.

Crispy Monaca, sweet and cool ice cream, and finally crispy crunchy chocolate.

It is such an arrangement that brings out the best of each other.

I like this combination the best.

Japanese chocolate is evolving day by day, and many ingredients such as unprecedented taste, texture, and health-conscious ingredients are on sale.

Nonetheless, the top rankings were the ones that have been loved for many years, as I introduced this time.

It's a nice result.

*Everyone's ranking : It is published on the Internet as a "The ranking with fairness, transparency, and easy to understand" which is changed daily according to user votes.