Baby products to buy in Japan! Akachan Honpo Top 3 Popular Baby Products

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    • 2022-04-19

Akachan Honpo is a maternity and baby/kids specialty store that moms and dads must visit when they go to Japan.

You can enjoy a full range of shopping with disposable diapers, baby fashions, and toys.

This time, we went to Kinshicho, near Asakusa, one of Tokyo's most popular downtown areas, to visit the large Akachan Honpo Arca-Kit Kinshicho store, which has a sales floor area of approximately 2,300 square meters.

Out of approximately 1,800 products, we introduce three popular baby products that Japanese parents in 2022 will choose as must-buys.

■No. 1 in popularity : Pigeon's "Peach leaf extract skincare series"

Baby's skin is very delicate. The peach leaf skincare series, which prevents skin irritation, is highly supported by many Japanese mothers.

It contains a moisturizing ingredient, peach leaf extract that is gentle on the skin, and is popular in the series such as lotions, cream and heat rash sheets.

Medicinal lotion : 760 yen (Tax excluded)

Medicinal lotions moisturize babies' skin, which is prone to dryness, to prevent rough skin and keep it moist and smooth.

The secret of its popularity is that it can be used from babies around 0 months to adults. Many people with sensitive skin use it in place of face lotion.

Baby powder (Peach) : 500 yen (Tax excluded)

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, beware of sticky skin caused by sweating! Baby powder is also recommended.

No. 2 in popularity : Baby food, the kindest

The kindest baby food that is focusing on ingredients, taste, and nutrition, is popular not only by word of mouth but also on social networking sites. One bag costs around 700 yen, which is a little expensive compared to other brands, but considering "time, nutrition, deliciousness, and raise child`s sense of taste", this is good deal product.

From vegetable purees to fish and meat stews, the company offers a selection of products to suit every age group, with advice from pediatricians and dietitians from the product planning stage. Akachan Honpo is the first baby specialty store to handle this product.

No. 3 in popularity : Mickey Mouse Blanket Clip

Disney products are loved by children and adults alike. The third most popular product is a blanket clip featuring Disney characters.

Micky Mouse Blanket Clip (2pcs) : 1,096 yen (Tax excluded)

As it is a set of two, you can hang a lot of things and it is easy to use.

These are the top three most popular baby goods at Akachan Honpo.

Finally, the editorial department`s highly recommended goods.

Akachan Honpo and Richell's jointly developed product, "Soft Childcare Spoon that shows the optimum temperature".

Soft Childcare Spoon that shows the optimum temperature : 400 yen (Tax excluded)

A spoon that turns yellow from orange when it touches a hot object at about 40 degrees or higher, and returns to orange when it cools. It is a convenient spoon that shows the optimum temperature immediately, so best for early weaning.

Akachan Honpo is very popular among Japanese moms and dads for its wide selection of products and affordable prices. Now, summer products are appearing one after another in the sales floor, so please take a look.

Store information:

Arcakit Kinshicho store

Open for business ⋅ Business closing hours : 21:00

2-2-1 Kinshi Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0013

Arcakit Kinshicho 5F