Deep trip to Shinsekai: Edition No.2! What's about leopard print fashion beloved by Osaka old ladies?! Naniwa Komachi

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    • 2023-03-19

Taking a train ride of 20 minutes from Osaka Station, visitors from inside and outside Japan can get to Shinsekai area, where the whole town has a vibrancy of an amusement park. For our second edition of presenting Shinsekai, we would like to introduce you to a store that collects lots of leopard-patterned fashion items that Osaka old ladies simply love for some reason.

Let's have the shop owner Ms. Takahashi, aka "Osaka's delightful auntie", to introduce the products to us right away!

▲The shop owner Ms. Takahashi fully dressed in leopard print greeting us at the shop front!

She shows up to us greeting with a "Rawr!", instead of "Hello!". Her store is filled with about 1,000 kinds of flashy clothes, bags, miscellaneous goods, etc. featuring wild animals such as leopards, tigers, and lions. It seems that 50% of the products were original projects of Ms. Takahashi. It's already over 10 years since Ms. Takahashi started her business at Shinsekai.

So we asked, why did she decide to open a store that collects leopard print goods?

"I always loved leopard print. I decided to open this store because I thought that even if the leopard print clothes wouldn't sell at all, I could buy it all myself and wear."

Ms. Takahashi is such a determined lady. What kind of people actually come to buy?

"Leopard print fans from all over Japan, not only from Osaka. People who are interested in leopard print, from young people to middle-aged and older people come to shop for casual wear or to wear it at parties." It seems to be popular with many people.

■Fashion recommendation No. 1 - Original cut and sewn

These are top-selling cut and sewn that sell over 3,000 pieces a year. Very comfortable and having 54 types of designs to choose, the most popular is the one with the tiger facing front roaring at you ''Rawr''. They are free size, 2,900 yen per piece (prices below include tax). It seems as some employees purchase and make use of these to make company events more exciting.

Fashion recommendation No. 2 - Original sequin

If you like to be the center of attention, why not try the classic sequin version, at a flashy event or party? Popular among youngsters and older clients, and comes in three colors: gold, silver, and black. One size only, for 12,000 yen.

■Miscellaneous recommendation No. 1- Leopard Bag

There is a gusset at the bottom of the bag, so you can put your smartphone or wallet in it and go out for small shopping, and there is a zipper sewn, preventing the items from popping out. There are 10 types of designs besides photos, such as kiss mark, heart mark, and rabbit, etc. It's a perfect souvenir. Price: 2,900 yen.

Miscellaneous recommendation No. 2 - Leopard Scarf

 Aside from wrapping it around your neck, this scarf can also be used to add an extra detail to your hat by wrapping it around it, or attaching it to a bag. It is an accessory that will be everywhere in the coming spring, and is also perfect for souvenirs. There are two sizes, large or small, with five colors. The large size is 2,500 yen, and the small size is 1,000 yen.

Miscellaneous recommendation No. 3 - Leopard hat

 There is a full leopard print model and a design that imitates a small leopard print. You can put it in your bag and use it anytime easily, making it a must-have item for windy days or with harsh sunlight. The hat in the back left of the picture has 2 colors to choose, 2,900 yen. The hat in front is 4,900 yen available in one color. All hats are free size.

■Message to travelers coming to Japan
 If you want to experience a unique atmosphere that you won't find anywhere else in Osaka, come visit Shinsekai. The city of Osaka is constantly changing, but Shinsekai hasn't changed that much since old times. That's why it has an indescribable retro feel, and you can enjoy shopping as if you were sent back to the past.

Leopard print is usually wore as a detail in fashion, but in Osaka, we like to bring the leopard face to the forefront and people enjoy incorporating it into their fashion. Please come and visit us.

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