5 Day Trips From Tokyo Worth Going~Kanagawa / Saitama / Shizuoka / Nagano~

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So you’ve planned your trip to Tokyo and would like to explore more than just the metropolitan area? There are so many places out of Tokyo that are easily accessible and can be covered in a day… Let’s take a look at 5 day trips from Tokyo that are worth going:

Yokohama / Kanagawa Prefecture

Yokohama, Japan’s second largest city, is beautiful day and night. You can reach Yokohama in less than 1 hour from Shinjuku, or only 20 minutes away if you take the shinkansen from Tokyo Station. Start the day with lunch at the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum. Next, make your way to Yokohama’s famous China Town to sample some street food. Then, walk to the Cup Noodles Museum to learn about the history of instant ramen and how it became an international phenomenon. You can also design your own cup noodles and bring it home!

Redbrick Warehouse in Yokohama

At sunset, stroll along Redbrick Warehouse, and once it’s dark, walk to Minato Mirai and enjoy Yokohama’s night view. You can also do some shopping and get your dinner there.

Kamakura & Enoshima / Kanagawa Prefecture

Enoshima island’s narrow walkway

Kamakura is a coastal town in Kanagawa that is known for its many temples and shrines. It is a one-hour journey from Shinjuku. Once you arrive at Kamakura Station, you’re only a few minutes away from Komachi-dori, the main shopping street. Walk to the end of it and you will find Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, Kamakura’s most important shrine. Visit a few more temples while you’re there or take the Enoden train that goes along the Shonan coast to arrive at Enoshima island.

Enoshima boasts a view of Mount Fuji (on a clear day), an aquarium, tourist-accessible caves and an island spa. Both Kamakura and Enoshima can be covered in one day.

Kawagoe / Saitama Prefecture

If you only have half a day to spare but would like to get out of Tokyo, Kawagoe is the place for you. Start your day with an early lunch at one of its famous eel restaurants. After your meal, walk along the many shops at Kawagoe’s main street, lined up with kurazukuri warehouse-styled buildings from Edo period. Sample delicious sweet potato snacks and take photos in front of the Bell Tower, Kawagoe’s landmark.

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