An outdoor shop with a stream and fish swimming~UPI Omotesando

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An outdoor shop with a stream running though it and fish swimming~UPI Omotesando

In the fashionable area of Omotesando in Tokyo, where luxury brand stores are lined up, there is an outdoor shop with a river inhabited by crabs and killifish. Here you can, among other things, purchase tools through hands-on experiences such as making a fire or using a knife.

Being able to get your hands on and actually test the tools you are interested in before purchasing them is great, isn't it?. Many stores only display the products, but at this store we are focused on offering hands-on experiences to help out outdoor beginners as well.

Let's have a look at the recommended tools and experiences available in the store before purchase. *Advance reservation or participation fee is not required.

Try the comfort of sleeping in a hammock hanging from the trees, in a nature environment!

You can learn how to hang up and use the hammock, and receive advices so you won't have any problems when camping. The number of people that are enjoying their hammocks not only outdoors, but also indoors and on their balconies is increasing, making it a popular item for children. Basic hammocks are available from 5,720 Yen, while models fitted with mosquito nets start at 12,100 Yen.

Test the knife's sharpness with batoning!

You can practice how to use a knife safely, and try out basic outdoor knife techniques, such as using a knife to split wood (batoning), shave the bark off a tree, or make a feather stick (firelighter) to easily start a fire. As seen in the pictures, you can try it out safely by wearing a glove when using the knife.

▲To more easily start a fire, use a knife to shave the wood, then try out making a fire as well using other tools than a burner.

TAKIBISM Tools for making bonfires and boiling water with wood

The store offers more than 30 brands of tools from Japan, Scandinavia, and North America with deep insight and knowledge of outdoor life. We recommend the Japanese brand "TAKIBISM," which advocates an outdoor lifestyle where you can face a beautiful flame, keep warm, and enjoy an open fire. Among the most popular products are the frying pan dishes, which are handcrafted by artisans and have a wide range of uses.

▲TAKIBISM brand products, fire pit - 33,000 yen, frying pan dish - 4,400 yen (price varies depending on the size), in the foreground is a dish handle and a breath to fire tool for watching beautiful flames

Filtering water from the river in the store to experience its awesomeness! Water filtration machine(SAWYER)

If you go camping and have no potable water, you can use this tool to filter water from rivers and ponds and use it for drinking and cooking. In the event of a disaster, you can use the water from your bathtub as potable water, and one filter can filter enough water to fill a 25-meter pool.

However, it cannot filter viruses, so please boil it before use.

▲SAWYER (Sawyer Products) from 3,960 yen

Message to Guests Visiting Japan

 Our staff will carefully explain how to use each tool and its advantages, but we would also like you to learn about the product brands by experiencing how to use the tools yourself. We also encourage visitors to become attached to the products they purchase and use them for a long time, and since many of the tools are designed with disaster prevention in mind, please make use of them in times of disaster.

Overseas products are priced close to local prices, making them easier to purchase. We hope you will try our products and experience their quality.

▲It is an easy way to understand the types of tools and how they are used in the production process。

About the workshop

We offer a variety of workshops where you can learn directly from outdoor experts, the most popular being Green Woodwork. Using an axe and a carving (woodworking) knife, participants make spoons, dishes, and other items from freshly harvested raw wood. Workshops must be booked in advance, and the time required varies depending on the content (about 5 hours for green woodwork), so please check with the store. There is a fee to participate in workshops.

▲A tarp has been set up in the storefront, giving the store an outdoor feel that makes entering the store exciting.

Location and nearest station to UPI Omotesando

   1F, 4-9-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Closest station: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Chiyoda Line Omotesando Station 3 min. walk
Business hours : 11:00-20:00

Closed: Open every day except year-end and New Year's holidays
TEL : 03-6804-1817